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Wvup financial aid office basant maheshwari on the art of value investing book

Wvup financial aid office

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You can begin applying for financial aid October 1 of every year. FAFSA is now based on tax information from two years prior, allowing students and their families to complete the application earlier. The earlier you apply, the better, as some resources are limited and may run out. The sooner you apply, the more likely your funding will be available when you start school.

The Priority Deadline is one month prior to the start date of the first term or your award year. If this has already passed, the Financial Aid Office will continue to process your financial aid until the start of classes each semester. Your FSA ID is used to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and electronically signing your federal student aid documents and had the same legal status as a written signature.

It also allows the student or parent to use one username and password for multiple Department of Education websites. Unless you are over the age of 24, in graduate school, married, have children or other dependents that you financially support, are an orphan or in foster care, a legal ward of the court, homeless or a veteran or active duty member of the military, you are a dependent student.

If you have any questions about a possible special circumstance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Living on your own does not automatically qualify you as an independent student. Armed Forces. If there are unusual circumstances, please discuss them with our Financial Aid staff by calling , and they will determine the best way for you to complete your FAFSA.

You can request a special circumstance form by emailing our office at finaid wvup. Once we determine if you are eligible to apply, we will provide you with the application which includes a list of documentation that has to be provided. Once you submit your application, the Financial Aid Office will then consider your current situation to determine if you will be eligible for more financial aid. If you need to make a correction to your FAFSA before you receive your award notice, you can do so by making a correction online.

If you have already received your award letter, contact the Financial Aid Office at to determine if the correction is necessary. If a student has been selected for verification, they will receive a notification via a Campus Logic generated email from the WVUP Financial Aid Office, alerting them of their selection for verification by the Department of Education and detailing the additional documentation the student must submit before their financial aid awards are considered official and disbursal.

To submit verification documents, students need to set up a one-time-only account creation with personally identifiable information. This will enable students to sign requested documents electronically, and the information will also be used to authenticate the student against the current FAFSA information on file. To create an account:. After the account has been created, all required documents can be uploaded to the Student Forms portal.

If you are a first-time borrower, you will need to complete the entrance counseling and master promissory note at studentaid. Never assume you will not be eligible! The only way to know what types of financial aid for which you are eligible is to apply by completing the FAFSA. In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships offered by the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation.

Students with exceptionally high need may be eligible for a Pell Grant as a less-than-half-time student. Complete the FAFSA and your eligibility will be determined based on the results of the FAFSA and based on your enrollment status of full time 12 or more credits , three-quarter time credits , half time credits or less than half time credits.

The Financial Aid Office will automatically consider you for the Pell Grant and any other type of financial aid for which you may be eligible. Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours to be considered for Federal Direct Student Loans. Yes, when determining the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible, the Financial Aid Office assigns each student a budget, which includes tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous other personal expenses.

All types of financial assistance, scholarships, other community agency grants, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation grants, Dislocated Worker benefits, etc. Once eligibility has lapsed, if students wish to borrow further, they would have to borrow unsubsidized loans.

Amounts awarded as well as details of the individual award types can be accessed after your financial aid package has been created. When you log into your OLSIS account and view your financial aid award, you can accept or decline any financial aid that has been offered to you. Grants and Scholarships will automatically show as accepted, but for student loans, you may accept or decline a type of loan Subsidized or unsubsidized or accept or decline a portion of the loan offered.

You cannot decline a subsidized loan and then try to accept an unsubsidized loan; the system does not allow this because subsidized loans are a much better option. To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here. Department of Education and other generally accepted accounting procedures. After your financial aid is disbursed to your student account, the funds applied will go towards paying the charges on your account tuition, fees, books, etc.

If your financial aid award is more than your student bill, you will receive a difference in a refund. If your financial aid award is not enough to cover your student bill, you will owe a bill to WVU Parkersburg. This bill will need to be paid and payment arrangements will need to be made in order to remain enrolled and before you would be eligible to register for future semesters. For questions about payment arrangements or holds related to owing a balance, students should contact the WVU Parkersburg Business Office at for assistance.

After financial aid disbursements are made, the Business Office will process the information. Estimated dates for financial aid disbursements may be located in the WVU Parkersburg academic calendar. A federal Return of Title IV worksheet is completed using the amount of aid received and the withdrawal date to determine if any repayment is due.

This is a federal formula and is not determined by WVU Parkersburg. NOTE: It is important to consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawal or dropping to determine how your financial aid eligibility will be affected. There are reasons a student would have to pay back a Pell Grant. A student will be required to pay back a Pell Grant if they drop courses that impact their enrollment status for example, full time to three-quarter time, etc. A student may also be required to repay a portion of their Pell Grant if they finish the semester with 0 GPA.

If the student has not received their funds yet, the award will be recalculated, and the student will be notified. If a student withdrawal occurs after Pell funds have been credited to their student account or disbursed; the student will be required to repay a portion of the Pell Grant.

You will be notified by mail with the repayment amount if necessary. Satisfactory Academic Progress has three basic requirements:. In the first semester that a student does not meet SAP, they will be notified via their WVUP email account of their failure to meet SAP and placed on financial aid warning status for the next semester.

Students with a 0. Students on financial aid warning status are eligible to receive any aid that they meet the requirements to receive, without limitations. Financial aid warning status does not initiate any differences in disbursement from the rest of the student population. Students on financial aid warning status are expected to attend and successfully complete all courses in which they are enrolled.

Academic performance and completion percentage while on financial aid warning status will be considered during the evaluation of a student appeal. A student who does not appeal, submits an unsuccessful appeal, fails to meet the SAP standards after a successful appeal, or fails to fulfill the terms of an approved academic plan are placed on the financial aid status of Suspension. Students in the Suspension status cannot receive federal or state financial aid unless they re-establish eligibility as outlined below.

As permitted by 34 CFR While the student is on financial aid probation with an Academic Plan, the student must develop an Academic Plan that ensures they will comply with SAP within a period of 1 but not more than 3 semesters.

The required Academic Plan worksheet must be developed and agreed to by the student and their academic advisor. All courses listed in the Academic Plan must be required for completion of the degree for which the student is enrolled. A current MyDegree evaluation is required as part of the appeal process. During the time the student is on probation status requiring an Academic Plan, the student must do the following:. If a student fails to meet SAP or comply with the terms of the Academic Plan, they will immediately be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and will NOT be eligible to receive further federal or state financial assistance unless and until they have complied with the standard for reestablishing eligibility.

Example: a program that requires 60 credits for graduation is eligible for financial aid for a maximum of 90 credit hours. WVU Parkersburg does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color, or national origin in the administration of any of its educational programs, activities, or with respect to admission or employment.

To complete this application, answer each question on each screen. You can type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists where applicable. Once you answer all the questions on a screen, click Save and Continue at the bottom.

If there are any errors or omissions, you will be prompted to review your answer or provide an answer. After all the answers are provided, your data will be saved, and the next screen will appear. If you want, you can skip to another screen without your data being saved.

Be aware if you skip to another screen listed in the menu, data on your current screen will not be saved and will need to be reentered. Once you have completed all the screens in this application, click Go to Application Submission at the bottom of the screen to submit your application. Select a payment option if applicable , enter your signature, then click Submit Now. If you have any technical questions or need assistance with this online application, review frequently asked questions.

This application is brought to you by the XAP Corporation. West Virginia University - Parkersburg.

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Financial Aid Office. Cost of Attendance Net Price Calculator. News and Announcements. The priority filing deadline is March 2, , so submit your application as soon as possible! The criteria is as follows: Currently enrolled in at least 6 semester units or the quarterly equivalent. Demonstrate an emergency financial need. Earned a 2. Enrolled in credit or noncredit courses if enrolled in noncredit courses, student must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 courses.

Eligibility A qualified applicant: Was displaced from employment due to the COVID pandemic Was not enrolled in a training program or institution of higher education at the time they were displaced from employment Has been unable to obtain employment that provides an average monthly wage that is equal to or greater than the average monthly wage received from their employment prior to the COVID pandemic Meets the income and asset criteria to be eligible for a Cal Grant A award Is enrolled in an educational program at an institution of higher education, an adult vocational or community college.

Undocumented students with a California Dream Act ID will be able to apply using the online application. Important Dates. May 13, Spring Direct Loan Request Deadline. For Spring students who are interested in a Direct Student Loan, you must apply by May 13, to have your request reviewed for the Spring semester.

Learn about Direct Student Loans. For Spring students who need to submit a SAP Appeal, you must submit by May 13, to have your appeal reviewed for the Spring semester. Learn about SAP. July 29, For Summer students who need to submit a SAP Appeal, you must submit by July 29, to have your appeal reviewed for the Summer semester. June 30, Apply for the CA Dream Act.

Financial Aid TV. Student's Delight. Droppin' another hot track for our fellow CCSF students to get you to check out financial aid and other student services! We are here for YOU! View Video. FAFSA, do you love me? Gimme some money! Apply for financial aid today! It's a bird!

It's a plane! No, it's financial aid! Barbara Barbara is here to give you the latest and greatest news about what's up these days. Now that's a hip human. Heather Weather. As the students and the college financial aid staff work through the forms, the Student Forms software will send updates in real time with documentation that is needed based on the answers provided by the students.

Once you have submitted all your forms to resolve outstanding financial aid tasks, the integration with our other CUNY applications will update CUNYfirst in real time. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be able to take care of tasks electronically. Zoom hours of operation are: Monday and Thursday: am - pm Tuesday and Wednesday: pm - pm Friday: Closed. Telephone hours of operation are: Monday - Friday: am - pm Telephone: 1 All documents must be uploaded as a single file.

Due to the high volume of documents, please allow at least 6 weeks for processing. We receive a large volume of emails every day and aren't always able to respond to emails right away. If you are in need of an immediate response from us, please call the Financial Aid Office or visit us on Zoom so that we can assist you. Otherwise, we are responding to all emails in the order in which they were received.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from pm to pm. Our dedicated staff will be answering all of your concerns about financial aid. Please join us by using the link below or manually entering the 10 digit meeting ID number. We look forward to seeing you live online. Financial aid will be open on campus. Any document submission still has to be sent through the Secure Portal.

Student Forms provides a single secure portal for all FAFSA related document submission making submission faster and easier. Minors must also be declared or changed by September 14, Minors must also be declared or changed by February 14th, Phone: 1 E-Mail: financialaid ccny. Schedule an On-Campus Appointment.