the expanding triangle in forex
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The expanding triangle in forex czarinas forex factory

The expanding triangle in forex

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If the price after point 4 rises to point 2, we can open a buy position. But if the price after point 3 falls to point 1, we can look to open a sell position. Since neither the price minimums nor the maximums are equal, none of the lines in the pattern is horizontal. If we connect the maximum and minimum points we see that both lines have slopes, but they do not start from a vertex.

T he figure seems to be growing and then forms the expanding triangle. The figure seems to be growing and then forms the expanding triangle. If we connect the maximum and minimum points we see that both lines have slopes, but they do not start from a vertex contrary to the normal symmetrical triangle.

These formations rarely appear in normal market conditions and if we look at large time frames, we will see that it is not easy to find them, however, in shorter time periods they usually appear constantly. Unlike the other triangles patterns, the expanding triangle does not form in any particular type of trend. It simply appears in some consolidation period after a previous trend, but with sudden price movements and without a clear trend.

As the movements are many and the volatility is high, the difference between the highs and the lows is great. As already said, the trend is not obvious, but if we draw a line at both the lows and the highs, it can be seen that a triangle pattern forms, although it never closes but the trendlines do come close to touching.

Because of this situation, it could be said that rather a trapezoid is formed. It is difficult to trade the expansive triangle in trading, first because it appears in both trends, and because there are theories that these patterns can be used for both long and short positions, regardless of the previous trend. However, it is much more common for the expanding triangle to be used as a continuation pattern , so if the pattern appears in an uptrend then we will use it to take long positions.

And, if the triangle appears in a downtrend, we will use it to take short positions. The expansive triangle does not have a defined strategy either and many traders suggest the use of moving averages or some other indicator, and although it is true that it is recommended to confirm with some other tool, a strategy can also be used solely with the formation of the triangle.

Therefore, if the previous trend is bullish, the long position is taken if the expanding triangle appears and then two lows form at higher prices. The take-profit price would have to be placed at a distance equal to that between the high and low of the triangle. The s top loss would be at the minimum level within the triangle. In a downtrend, the trader would have to open a short position if after the formation of the triangle pattern, two spikes are formed at lower prices.

As with the uptrend, the profit-taking level should be set at a level equal to the distance between highs and lows. The stop loss has to be at the maximum level reached in the triangle. Part of its strength comes from its trapping traders on each new breakout. Since it is a triangle, it is a trading range, and most breakout attempts in a trading range fail.

This tendency results in the expanding triangle. In a bullish reversal an expanding triangle bottom , it has enough strength to rally above the last higher high, trapping longs in; it then collapses to a third low, trapping longs out and bears in on the lower low, and then reverses up, forcing both sides to chase the market up.

The new low is the third push down and can be thought of as a type of three-push pattern, and it can also be thought of as a breakout pullback—the market broke above the last swing high and then pulled back to a lower low. In a bear reversal an expanding triangle top , it does the opposite.

Bears are trapped in by a lower low then are forced out, and bulls get trapped in by a higher high, and both then have to chase the market as it reverses down for the final time. The initial target is a breakout beyond the opposite side of the triangle, where the market often tries to reverse again.

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An expanding triangle. We therefore have the definition of an expanding triangle: a triangle in which each of the legs is bigger than the previous one, with the b-wave. The expanding triangle is a very tricky pattern, because price is making new lows and new highs in each wave. On that real chart example you can see that the.