vibrating vest for chest
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Vibrating vest for chest forex trading of the ruble

Vibrating vest for chest

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Label More Products Why choose us? How to contact us? Display: Digital display. Mode: Normal, Ladder, Cyclical. Pressure Range 30mmHg. Output: VA. Machine size It's comprised of 6 haptic transducers that play sounds from Hz directly into the chest and back.

To give you the most organ-throbbing impact possible, each transducer is placed in key "meridian points", four for the chest and two along the centre of the back. While the device was revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show along with the Futuretown Totalmotion , the Vest is more than just a gaming peripheral -- you can also use it while watching movies and listening to music.

The company says the Vest can react to every note of a song with zero latency, making sure your body buzzes with the bass and rhythm of the beat. Aiming to make the Vest a big thing in VR, Woojer is providing a software development kit for creating haptic content and is releasing a library of over sound effects. Woojer is also making a second, smaller device that's designed for on-the-move music listening.

Just don't be too concerned as onlookers watch you vibrate while you wait for the bus. The Vest is currently still in development.

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involves an inflatable vest that is attached to a machine. The machine mechanically performs chest physical therapy by vibrating at a high frequency. The vest vibrates the chest to loosen and thin mucus. In CF, the mucus is often thick and sticky. The vibration of the vest against the chest wall helps to loosen mucus. The vest creates an airflow that helps to remove mucus from the airway walls. External chest wall oscillations are applied using an inflatable vest around the torso which is either battery operated (Fig.