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Investing for beginners 2014 silverado markit ipo 2014

Investing for beginners 2014 silverado

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The vehicle owner is responsible for obtaining the proper equipment hitch ball, hitch type of the proper size and capacity required to safely tow both the trailer and the load that will be towed. These charts will assist in determining how to best equip your Chevrolet vehicle for trailering. To help you understand the charts, consider these trailering factors:. These ratings can be found on the certification label located on the driver door or doorframe.

Base vehicle curb weight plus driver is used, so additional passengers, equipment and cargo weight reduce this rating. If the trailer is too heavy, your vehicle brakes may be less effective. You and your passengers could be seriously injured.

Pull a trailer only after you have read the information in this guide and followed the steps on the following pages. Folding camping trailer, snowmobiles and personal watercraft trailers trailer and cargo combined. Weight-distributing hitch, 2 fifth-wheel hitch or gooseneck hitch.

The information below is intended to give you some details about the trailer ratings on your vehicle and a way to ensure that the vehicle you use can handle the load you want to pull. The GCWR is the total allowable weight of the completely loaded vehicle and trailer including any passengers, cargo, equipment and conversions.

You should not exceed the GCWR of your vehicle when you tow a trailer. Chevrolet also calculates and publishes a trailer weight rating for each model or series of Chevrolet vehicles for comparison purposes. The trailer weight rating is not specific to an individual vehicle and is most useful for comparing product lines to one another to help you select a product that will meet your needs.

When you buy a vehicle, you should ensure that the total load including passengers, cargo and equipment you intend to pull with it will be less than the trailer weight rating of the vehicle. Because the trailer weight rating is calculated for a line of vehicles, rather than an individual load situation, some standardized assumptions are made when calculating the trailer weight rating. First, the base curb weight of that type of vehicle is used the weight of a standard equipped vehicle without any options.

Second, it is assumed that there is only one person in the vehicle the driver who weighs lbs. Third, it is assumed there is a certain tongue weight for the load a tongue weight is the weight of only the tongue of the. You can take your vehicle to a weigh station to get this figure, or you can see your dealer who can help you calculate this figure based on the weight of the options you ordered.

You can then subtract the weight of your vehicle from the GCWR. The difference between the two is the capacity you have available for your cargo, passengers, trailer, load and any other equipment you might use to set up your trailer. Put another way, your GCWR should always be greater than or equal to the weight of your vehicle, passengers, cargo, trailer with equipment and load. The only way to be sure to not exceed any of these ratings is to weigh the tow vehicle and trailer combination, fully loaded for the trip, getting individual weights for each of these items.

This can be done at a weigh station with a multi-platform scale. The tongue weight for your trailer is the downward force of the coupler of the trailer on the vehicle hitch. You can calculate the tongue weight by placing the tongue of the trailer on an appropriate scale.

The GVWR is the maximum amount the vehicle itself should weigh, including the as-equipped weight of the vehicle plus the cargo, passengers and trailer tongue weight. Put another way, the GVWR should always be greater than or equal to the weight of your vehicle, passengers, cargo and tongue weight.

You can weigh your fully loaded vehicle and trailer at a multi-platform weigh station to determine the weight on the rear axle of the vehicle and ensure that you do not exceed the RGAWR. General Motors will therefore be changing its ratings in the next few years.

At this point, key competitors are continuing to use their existing ratings for model year pickups, so GM has decided that retaining the existing rating system for the model year will reduce confusion for dealers and customers. Leave enough slack in the chains so you can corner without the chains impeding the movement of the trailer.

Do not allow safety chains to drag on the ground. Loads sitting either too far forward or too far back in the trailer can create unstable trailering conditions —such as trailer sway — at highway speeds and during heavy braking. Once the trailer has been loaded and the weight is distributed properly, all cargo should be secured to prevent the load from shifting. Make sure that a sway-control device is installed, if required, and that the device is working properly see charts on pages 09— Check tire pressure on both the tow vehicle and the trailer.

If your trailer has electric brakes, test them by manually engaging the brake controller while the vehicle is moving slowly. Check to see that the breakaway switch, if available, is connected and functioning properly. Finally, make certain that all loads are secure. Allow your vehicle to safely reach a comfortable driving speed. Give yourself extra time and room when merging onto highways.

Braking when pulling a trailer requires extra distance. Allow ample room to come to a safe stop. A good measure for determining a safe following distance is to allow one vehicle and trailer length between you and the vehicle ahead of you for every 10 mph of speed. When braking, use firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal.

Other factors that can cause sway are crosswinds, poor vehicle maintenance and road conditions. Trying to steer out of sway will likely make it worse. Speed is a major contributor to trailer sway, so you need to slow the vehicle — braking, however, could lead to a jackknife or other loss of control. You should then pull your vehicle to the side of the road and attempt to determine the cause of the instability. Check the cargo load for shifting and improper weight distribution.

Check tire pressure on the tow vehicle and trailer and the condition of the suspension and shocks. If the sway was caused by strong winds, wait for conditions to improve before continuing your trip. Finally, some trailers can be equipped with anti-sway devices. Contact the manufacturer of your trailer for availability. Taking turns sharply can also cause the trailer to strike against and damage the tow vehicle.

When approaching a sharp corner, brake sooner than normal to reduce vehicle speed before entering the turn. Each tracks a particular index, giving you the approximate return of the index, less fees which can be kept extremely low with certain funds. These are examples from Vanguard, but there are more than a few other brokerages or fund families offering low-cost index funds -- possibly including some available to you via your brokerage or workplace.

You can balance out your portfolio with bonds via index mutual funds and ETFs, too. The beauty of index fund investing is that it's easy, it's cheap, and it delivers returns that beat many more expensive alternatives. Plunk your money regularly into index funds, and voila -- you're done. It's a perfect kind of investing for beginners and others. Fairly simple Investing for beginners is a little more complicated -- but still relatively safe -- when you invest in blue-chip companies and dividend payers.

After all, big blue-chip companies such as IBM and Verizon Communications have done a lot of things right in order to grow to their current size. They may not grow as rapidly in the future as they did in the past, but they offer some competitive advantages, such as economies of scale and brand power, that make them unlikely to go under anytime soon -- and therefore less risky than a fast-growing upstart.

Many such companies offer dividends, too, which can make up for slower growth. And remember that dividend payouts tend to grow over time, too. These days, this kind of investing for beginners offers significantly bigger income streams than interest rates from banks or CDs though stocks do carry more risk. Still not rocket science While index funds can have you roughly matching the market's return, you can aim still higher by adding some carefully selected individual stocks to your mix. They can boost your portfolio if they do well -- but they can also sink it.

This is where investing for beginners gets more complicated. For best results, you'll want to keep reading up and learning about investing in general and about the companies and industries that interest you. Just get started One of the most important pieces of advice about investing for beginners is this: Just get started.

It's easy to think about investing and to read up on it, but unless you're independently wealthy or are counting on a generous pension, you probably need to actually start doing it -- and soon. Don't let fear hold you back. You can ease into it by investing small chunks of money at a time into simple investments such as index funds.

They can help you sleep well at night while making your retirement more comfy -- and you needn't do anything more complicated than that. Cost basis and return based on previous market day close. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members.

Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since

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Premium Investing Services Invest better with The Motley Fool. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool's. Meanwhile, the Chevy Silverado is already all-new -- it was just rolled out last summer. Invest Smarter with The Motley Fool. Join Over 1 Million Premium. Without further ado, let's take a look at what model years are worth investing in and what years you need to avoid if you are interested in.