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The following decisions were made:. Based on the in-depth research conducted, the Discourse has found that individual spot forex electronic transactions contain elements of usury riba in the imposition of rollover interest, resemble a sale contract with credit term by way of leverage, is ambiguous forex online analytics terms of the transfer of the possession of items exchanged between the parties, include the sale of currency that is not in possession as well as speculation that involves gambling. Furthermore, it is also illegal under the laws of Malaysia. In relation to the above, the Discourse has agreed to decide that the hukum islam main forex individual spot forex electronic transactions are prohibited as they are contrary to the precepts of the Shariah and are illegal under Malaysian law. Therefore, the Muslim community is prohibited from engaging in forex transactions such as these. The Discourse also stressed that the decision made is not applicable to foreign currency exchange operations carried out at licensed money changer counters and those handled by financial institutions that are licensed to do so under Malaysian law. Click here to view.

Semi-automatic forex Expert Advisor forex entry time

Semi-automatic forex Expert Advisor

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The robot will be further developed, which will help to achieve. Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience. Please always keep the newest version. Important:We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience. Meta means beyond the level , just like in the past many years we faced different brokers with different prices OHLC , it makes the same strategy do different positions or mislead the robot itself.

IamBlue is created to solve this kind of trap , so we only believe in live result , and all brokers work with IamBlue EA. No Parameter to be set , we do not suggest any. I present a useful robot that I have been using myself for several years.

It can be used both in semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. The program contains flexible settings for trading on the news of the economic calendar. Only real work. In the terminal settings, you need to add a news site to the list of allowed URLs. Add the following remove the space : ec. When creating your own settings sets for this Expert, refer to the description of all parameters in the blog.

GGD EA is created to solve this kind of trap , […]. This is my new Expert — Golden Oscar. It shows stable trading during last 10 years. There is stable takeprofit and stoploss. The Expert is very simple to use. You just set EA on the chart and all. Settings of EA are very simple. Even newbe can understand. No dangerous money management techniques, no martingale, grid or scalp.

Suitable for any brokerage environment. Golden Fleece EA trained with a multilayer perceptron neural network. A unique indicator that implements a professional and quantitative approach to trading on a return to the average. It takes advantage of the fact that the price deviates and returns to the average in a predictable and measurable way, which allows for clear entry and exit rules that are significantly superior to low-quality trading strategies.

And the application of interpolation and approximation to past data and extrapolation and construction of a forecast on future data. A long period is used to search for repeating patterns. A short period is for approximations and interpolations of nodal points and refinement of patterns. And the application of interpolation and approximation to past data and extrapolation and construction […].

Enter only 1 order with stop loss to protect your capital. And the results are long term for at least months. Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and a bonus! Developed on the basis. Especially with this EA, because this EA will have 2 strategies based on the difference between currency pairs price to decide entry and exit points.

Both of EA share the same machine learning data base. It was developed using years of experience in live trading with the mean-reverse strategy, and selected only the best pairs and techniques to be included in this EA. Since the EA is build upon existing technology that was developed over the years, the EA is already very advanced and has lots of smart features. Apart from harmonic patterns, we use all other patterns in the marketPatterns used in the past several years and the latest patternsCombining these patterns will […].

EA enters the market with market orders from 19 to 23h, it does not open trades during rollover It only enters a trade with market orders and uses a stop loss for each trade! Features: One Chart Setup: you only need one chart to trade all symbols Multiple currency […].

Multi-time frame ZigZag indicator. The indicator lines, Fractals, and candlesticks from other timeframes up to and including the Quarter can also be displayed. The indicator redraws the last current point, and in some cases it can change the last points. All lines are drawn by objects not indicator buffers, but it is possible to receive data for EA. When used in the Expert Advisor, you can read the zigzag points using iCustom.

Settings Mode — draw support and resistance levels by: Zig Zag — to the ZigZag indicator; ZigZag Close — closing candles; Fractals — Fractals indicator; High-Low of the period — construction of the indicator by high-low levels. Purchasing this EA can save you the time taken to automate your existing RSI strategy, through coding a custom EA and it also helps you discover profitable RSI strategies as its fully compatible with the strategy tester and all settings are editable.

The EA supports both scalping, short term and long term strategies. Before using the EA, please enter your own settings that work for you best. Trade settingsLots- This is the lot size. KT Bollinger Shots works using a striking blend of the slingshot pattern and the mean-reversion phenomenon applied to financial markets. Winning Trade: After a signal, if price touches the middle band in profit, it is considered a winner.

Losing Trade: After a signal, if price touches the opposite band or touches the middle band in loss, it is considered a loser. Both scenarios are accounted for in performance metrics and shown on the chart in real-time. If the probability of price […]. Super MA Trend indicator is an indicator designed to find trends. This indicator is a complete trading system. You can trade with this indicator as you like.

You can use this indicator on all pairs except for the volatile pairs. It is recommended to use it on M15 and over graphics. The most important element in this indicator are alerts. Do not open orders unless you receive an alert.

The signal quality is high if the arrows appear at the same time as the signal alerts. Period — trend period. FastMA — fas. This system is focused on stable long-term growth. It is a high-performance professional tool developed by me years ago that is constantly updated, incorporating all the latest news in the trading area. Telegram group here Welcome:Super Overlap is a very advanced EA with a unique algorithm of overlapping positions closing ,helping the account to recover very fast in case of Drawdown.

Monitoring hereThe EA can be used with 2 ways :Full auto:The system is searching for entries at possible exhaustion candles. There are three ways of taking profit in order to scalp the price as faster as it can generating also profits and a good number of trades for those who are interested also in rebates. Semi auto:This is for users who want to decide themselves where to open the trade.

You must first turn ON the semi auto function with the ON button in the chart. After that,just press Sell or Buy at the point you believe based on your strategy. The EA will manage the trade no matter if it goes straight into profit or if it is a bad entry.

Additionally,there are two buttons for placing pending orders. Push the pending order button and place it where you want to. From the moment the order is triggered the EA will start managing it. Important:The EA has a lot of potentials based on the size of the balance. Works with all symbols not just currency pairs. Brings an incredible amount of functionality to MetaTrader for free and for both demo and live accounts. This indicator identifies the most popular Harmonic Patterns which predict market reversal points.

Depth: Larger value means Larger Patterns and vice versa. Alert: Alerts message on MT4 terminal when a new pattern is found. Mail: Sending an email to your address when a new pattern is found. Warning: Using the first input, you can choose to receive delayed but valid signals. If you are familiar with harmonic patterns, you know that repainting may be better than delaying. If the price goes up and the histogram. This indicator will you help analyze what is happening in 5 Price Waves that you can construct yourself.

This tool is designed for scalpers and swing traders and will help them to analyze any wave on any timeframe at the same time. Furthermore, this tool is very useful to Elliot wave traders trying to identify wave numbering and turning points. It can be used on any kind of chart and instrument that has price, volume and time like regular timeframe charts, tick charts constant volume charts , renko and range bars.

The information provided by this indicator will give you an edge to understand when price has difficulty moving as well as ease of movement. Comparing the cumulative pip lines with the cumulative volume lines in combination with Speed Index will provide you a better understanding why Price moved in one or the other direction.

Open multiple trades with 1 click. The EezeOrder Script is designed to make trading easy. All in 1 click, open as many trades as you want, and select the order type from a dropdown list. No need to change chart just enter the name of the symbol Enter the number of trades you want Select whether it is a buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop or sell stop Enter TP in points and SL in points and click OK, and trades are opened 1.

Make sure Auto trading is on2. Make sure the symbol section matches the way the symbol is displayed by the broker eg. I will be available for support. The Magic Lines Expert Advisor has two horizontal lines on the chart — red and green. At the first start, the lines are set to the maximum and minimum of the day. By double-clicking on the line, it can be moved to any place on the chart.

Signal monitoring: here Please contact me after purchase Please contact me after purchase Parameters Recommendations: The Expert Advisor works on any pair on the H1 timeframe, default settings. Recommendations:The Expert Advisor. An artificial intelligence that looks for great inputs to almost guarantee profit.

The losses are small. Try it out and soon you will want to use it on a live account. Features: Suitable for any couple. Customizable trailing stop. There is no SL estimate the level of possible loss for closing. Works with any time frame. Recommended from 15 m. Upload the bot to 1 single chart for any pair, and the bot will search for entries for all pairs in the market.

If it is empty, it will work with all pairs in the market, if you put your favorite pairs, it will work only with them. A trailing stop is triggered when the price reaches a certain percentage in PIPS. Important: Only one 1 trade can be opened per symbol. If you have gone into the negative, let the bot wait until the deal closes positively, and monitor the situation.

Does not use SL. Minimum balance for trading with this […]. PullbackMatrix provides the key information of the trading transactions when it finds the right market moment based on its built-in logic algorithm. More important is that also saves signals into a. This is the market pullback finder while following the major trend direction. The True Supply and Demand indicator will allow you to quickly determine the location of resistance and support levels on all TF.

The indicator will be useful for those who use technical analysis in their trading. The indicator is easy to use, just drag and drop on the chart and the indicator will show you the most likely support and resistance levels.

When switching TF, you will see the levels for the newly selected TF. The recommended Scalper Robot is to test. When switching TF, you will see the levels for the newly selected […]. Expert focuses on stability and low drawdown. The backtest results are not as impressive as other EAs, but it is realistic and relevant to the market.

Although increasing the lot size parameter values can generate higher profits, it also increases the drawdown. You should have the right expectations when using this EA. HFX 6. Scalping Points Pro is an indicator that shows the points of a possible price reversal on the chart and does not redraw its signals.

Also, the indicator sends signals to the trader via Email and Push. Thus, this indicator allows the trader to open trades fairly accurately and predict further price movement. The indicator does not redraw its signals. The indicator works on timeframes from M1 to D1. Everyone who buys the indicator and writes their feedback will receive a robot for automatic trading as a gift from us.

Everyone who buys the indicator and writes their feedback. The Expert Advisor displays renko bars, Bollinger Bands and Moving Average indicators based on closing prices on the chart, opens and supports transactions based on divergence. The price peaks are determined by the exit of renko bars beyond the boundaries of Bands and return inside. A sale transaction is opened when the next peak of the price, going beyond the boundaries of the upper Bolinger line, is higher than the previous one, while the divergence of the average Bolinger line and the moving average is less than the point of the previous peak.

A purchase transaction is opened under mirror. All other settings are made directly by using the application from Telegram. This is based on using text files as templates. Varkis EA is a multi-currency professional Expert who uses a variety of trading strategies in the foreign exchange market.

Each transaction is protected by multilevel closing algorithms. Recommendations: Before using the Expert, be sure to contact the author for help with the installation and recommendations on the broker. Use a broker with the lowest spread and commission. Before using it on a real account, test it with the lot you need.

Trading strategy: The algorithm finds abnormal points of a spike in volatility, during quiet periods of the market. Rebound from support and resistance levels. Trading in a narrowly directed channel. Opening deals in the direction of the trend, with the deviation of volatility in the opposite direction.

The algorithm does not use high-risk strategies. This product is a non-correcting indicator that determines the turning points of the market without delay by placing an arrow. Traders can use it to confirm the turning points of their strategy. This indicator belongs to the category of trend indicators and can sometimes show us the beginning of a long-term trend.

In most cases, you can open your trade based on the warning of this indicator and place your trade behind the same arrow. The indicator builds a three-period semaphore and a reversal figure from the extremum. The signal comes at the opening of the second candle. According to this pattern, you can trade in different ways point 3 test, breakdown, and others. Yellow icons indicate a test of the level at which the signal is amplified.

Using the multi-currency toolbar, you can track in which currencies the pattern was found and how many bars passed after it. Using the multi-currency toolbar, you can track in which currencies the pattern was found and how many bars passed […]. Expert Advisor Dragonfly is designed for the MT4 platform. It was developed specifically for the Dragonfly indicator and only works in conjunction with this indicator.

The Dragonfly indicator is free to download in the Free section The strategy is very effective in operation. Positions are opened on the basis of points calculated by the Dragonfly indicator. The indicator signals are displayed on the current candle. There are no delays! Positions are oppened on a candle with a signal.

The presented tests are performed on different instruments but on the same EA settings. This means that principle. Super signal series mystery arrows is an indicator designed to generate trading signals. This indicator uses a number of different indicators and generates a signal using a number of historical data.

Suggested M5Work with at least 20 pairsAlertsOn — send alerts. If this feature is activated, it will be activated in other warning properties. Send alerts to mail address. The MA Signal Arrow Indicator is built on three moving averages and represents the simplest trend trading strategy. The MA Signal indicator is an implementation of the simplest trend trading strategy based on three moving averages.

Signals in the form of arrows appear when fast moving averages cross, and their position relative to slow moving averages must be considered. In the parameters, it is possible to set the method of the moving average and its offset in order to remove the signal lag. Gann Made Easy is a professional, but at the same time very easy to use Forex system based on the best trading principles according to the methods of Mr.

The indicator is used on two charts of a particular pair and a time frame at once. On one chart, in the indicator settings, the search for retail outlets entering for sale is selected, and on the second chart, the search for entry points for purchase is selected.

The indicator synchronizes the data and calculates buy and sell signals for you, taking into account the current market conditions, for the analysis of which the principles of trading by W. Gunn are used. The indicator is very easy to use. You just need to attach it to the chart and follow […]. ZigZag is designed to analyze price movements with a given amplitude. The indicator shows only the most important reversals, which greatly facilitates the evaluation of charts.

The trading algorithm is based on the principle of averaging a position. Due to averaging, the EA is not sensitive to the quality of entry points and can work almost at any time and in almost any market. The EA supports 2 trading modes: Automatic start and Manual start. In Manual start mode, the first order of the series is opened manually using the trading panel, and then the adviser picks up the first order of the series and continues working according to the algorithm.

Averager allows you to choose the type of orders from 3 modes: Long, Short, Long. Please read instruction on how to use it. This tool can detect also order from mobile or any terminal. If you want to trade many pairs , you need to drag on every charts you are trading with. A typical volume indicator works on a time axis.

With it you can determine the volume of each candle, but to get the volume of price levels you need something more than a normal volume indicator:A functional and useful tool that can improve. It never ceases to amaze me how something originally created to analyze daily price data can be applied so effectively, more than thirty years later, to any time frame—from one minute to one year—and to any market. The indicator has two components: TD Setup, which relies on momentum to define price ranges, and TD Countdown, which is trend based, and looks for low-risk opportunities to fade established directional moves.

Download the demo version here. The currency strength gauge is an indicator to measure of the strength or weakness of currencies in the Forex market. Comparing the strength of currencies in a graphic representation will lead to a good overview of the market and its future trends. You will see in a graphic chart both the strength of the currencies and their correlation, and this will help you in your decisions to get better trades.

This Exit Manager is an advanced and powerful tool that helps you to manage and control your orders to maximize your profit. After you placed an order, the Exit Manager will close the trade based on YOUR conditions and in that process, it will be able to trail your stoploss to reduce risk. The features of this tool enables you to Set. The One Scalper Expert Advisor consists of two strategies.

The first strategy uses important trading levels to open trades, and the second strategy constantly analyzes the price movement and, if a specific movement is detected, places pending orders very close using default settings to the price, using small stops and trail stops to open trades. Martingale and lot size increase are not used.

The first strategy opens market orders at the most likely institutional target price levels. Profit and loss are calculated in the currency of the account. The second strategy is mainly based on the possible average return. Mark Break of Structure with Alerts option Popup , Push notification and email Option to create screenshot on alert Trend is Manually set to filter signals in a direction by a button on the chart Up , Down or both.

Exiting a trade is equally important as entering! Exit Scope helps maximize your current trade profit and avoid turning winning trades to losers. Exit Signals are NOT to be used in entering a trade! Please watch presentation. Dark Sprint is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on Trend Following strategy, also adopting the use of the atr to determine the right volatility.

We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the strong impulse on the current instrument. This Indicator does Not repaint and Not lag. Recommended timeframes: All. Recommended working pairs: All. Installation and Update Guide — Troubleshooting guide — FAQ — MT5 Version Recommendations An Ecn broker is always recommended for your manual trading The indicator is very intuitive, follow the arrows to open the trades If you Buy 1 Indicator you can write a feedback at market and get a Second Indicator for Free, for More info contact me Parameters Atr Periods: Atr periods for calculate the indicator Atr Multiplier: atr multiplier value to filter out slow signals Impulse leght bars: Number of bars to be considered for the impulse Draw 3d lines: line type Line width: […].

And apply Deep Learning to get opportunities to entry. I would like to share with you! Introduction Introduction The Market Heartbeat indicator with a special enhanced algorithm volume, money flow, cycle of market and a secret value is a very repetitive trend finder with a high success rate. Interestingly, this Winner indicator indicates that the trend has changed its direction or the end of a trend retracement or even appears at the range market.

The Market Heartbeat can use in scalping trading or trend trading. It finds immediately with alarm, notification and also It has stop loss, take profits and entry point with candlestick checking for easy trading. Main Features Use special enhanced algorithm volume, money flow, cycle of market and a secret value Detect the best and most successful signal with very repetitive in trend, swing and breakout.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly indicator NO repaint Use in scalping. Neonys has a sophisticated algorithm based on artificial intelligence. It is planned to eventually add trained models for other characters with uploading via files. The description of the instructions for downloading other models will be in the comments and with detailed video instructions, and it will always be possible to clarify this in personal messages.

With each added model, the cost of the adviser will increase — have time to purchase in advance, and you will save on the purchase. Inside it is a complex architecture of decision trees containing tens of […]. The variation for MetaTrader 5 is offered right here: FFx Basket Scanner look for as much as 5 indications amongst 16 offered on all sets and also durations. In this manner you can plainly see which money to stay clear of and also which ones to concentrate on.

One more location of application of the indication is the recognition of solid and also weak money to discover the most effective sets for trading. You can also activate and deactivate an additional function that places an arrow on the chart when the expected upper or lower RSI is reached. Succubus is a universal advisor.

The parameters of the Expert Advisor are divided into categories according to the function required by the user. All functions can be disabled. The EA is designed to disperse small and medium deposits. Telegram group hereWelcome This is a super adjustable EA You will choose how many same candles will exist in the chart before the EA searches for trades.

You will set the min Size of the candles. One in money and one in pips. Whichever comes first. Trailing stop in pips for first trade. Trailing money for the rest. A super overlap strategy close a winning position with a loosing one for reducing Drawdown 7.

Stop loss in pips if you want to use. Close all after a specific drawdown in money if you want to use. Meaning it is not a blindly system with candles in a row and its sizes! For forex pairs you must delete the zero 0 from all inputs concerning pips. If you do not understand please contact me Any timeframe you wish. Note that the candle sizes differfrom timeframe to timeframe. I use the 15M The higher the timeframe the greater must be the candle size input for better performance.

The more the better. Different magic numbers for different charts. A trading system without an indicator, using hedging of the entire grid of orders. Please contact me after purchase to get the best settings and gift. Eldorado trades at a strictly set time according to GMT. The Greenwich mean time offset in the standard parameters GMT 2 in winter.

Winter time should be indicated. Download settings for currency pairs, as well as Expert backstests: It is recommended to install the Expert Advisor simultaneously on all charts of supported currency pairs, which will ensure diversification. It is recommended to […]. Intelligence Machine is an Expert Advisor for fully automated and secure trading with low risk. The EA is programmed with intelligent algorithms to find high probability trades, using a smart position management strategy to reduce risk and increase trading performance.

The EA is suitable for currency pairs with low spreads. Triangle Finder is a multisymbol multitimeframe dashboard that finds symmetrical triangle pattern in 28 symbols and 9 timeframes. Triangle Finder features: Monitors 28 customizable instruments and 9 timeframes at the same time. Signals forming triangles and triangles breaking. Option to suggest targets after triangle break based on channels. Optional Moving Average filter to signal breakouts only in the direction of the main trend. Showing the number of bars passed since the triangle pattern formed, on dashboard buttons.

Popup, email, and phone notification alerts for selected symbols and timeframes. Quick review of signals in the same chart by clicking on signal buttons. Easy arrangement of symbols in any order with any instrument that your broker provides. Notes The dashboard displays 3 signals with 3 colors.

Yellow color indicates triangle forming. Green and Red for upper and lower trend line break, If you want to monitor more than 28 instruments you can load the indicator on another chart and set different symbols for it. The symbols that you want to add to the dashboard must be visible in the MetaTrader market watch window. The first time you run the indicator or load a new symbol in the dashboard it might take a few […].

Telegram group here Real Gold EA uses 3 different trading strategies Candle price action. Three different take profit strategies plus 2 different overlapping systems come to enhance this great EA. Monitoring HereTesting many take from hours due to the number of conditions the EA has before opening a position. Multiplier Martingale:The multiplier of positions.

Stop Loss pips strategy A:the stop loss in pips of A strategy. Stop Loss pips strategy B:the stop loss in pips of B strategy. It gives alerts in every 15m candle close. It is possible to disable this sorting through to make it easier finding a specific symbol. By clicking inside a rectangle a new chart will be opened with the symbol and time frame.

It is enough. Please note, that this is not a full trading system. It will help you get initial Halftrend signals. And higher timeframe trend alignment. And current Halftrend direction is Bullish. Ladies and gentlemen it is a pleasure to introduce you my last creation.. After a loss, it recovers the loss taken using a smart algorithm of lot. Telegram group here Out of space Hedge EA is a very advanced system using tens of conditions to open trades and get the most out of them based on the market conditions.

Different magic number for each chart. Inputs: Starting lot:The starting lot. Lot after the first position:The lot size after the 4th position Multiplier after the fourth position:The multiplier after the fourth position. Stop loss Pips:The stop loss in pips for each position. Max lot:The max lot size a position can have. Distance in pips between the first 4 trades:The distance in pips between the first 4 trades. Max Sells:The max sells. Max Buys:The max buys. Close all if loss is greater than minus X money:The.

Toggle Search. The expert advisor works in the following ways:. The EA can be used on all time frames, it will draw trendlines as a trend with support and resistance, the EA will open trades automatically when the price reaches the trendlines t the 3rd step. As the expert advisor is semi-automated, you will be expected to draw your own trend lines, the EA will then open positions based on the lines you have drawn. The EA comes with a number of parameters, they can be changed to alter the way that the expert advisor functions.

Some of the settings available include magic numbers, the automated trading plan, allow to buy or sell, to use pending orders or not, pip adjustments, trade comments, which instruments to allow, lot increments, lot multipliers, and more. A free demo version is also being provided, however, the details of any limitations to this free version are not made clear on the site, it is always worth downloading to try though.

At the time of writing, there are 5 different user reviews, they have given the overall rating a rating of 5 out of 5. This has helped build consistency in my results and boosted my confidence that it is possible to be a profitable trader. Many Thanks to the developer! Thank you! The reviews are all positive, the expert advisor also has 44 different comments, the developer of the EA has been replying to each one which shows that they are intending to offer a high level of customer service to their product.

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Semi automatic EA (Driven Version) · 1. Have u set the EA to "Allow live trading"? · 2. Activate the button "Expert Advisor" on the toolbar · 3. Make sure there is. › Expert Advisor. Semi-auto- FX E-Scalper Pro EA. Expert Advisor, Trading Systems 7, Views. Expert: kall.deilu.xyz4. Document: escalper_PRO.