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Jody samuels forex cargo

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Partially thanks to its social media supremacy, The Daily Show has amassed the biggest Gen Z following of any politically inclined late night show Fallon doesn't count! It would sound pretentious to dub Trevor Noah "the voice of a generation," but technically, he kind of is. Everyone who ever set foot on their high school theater stage knows how If Season 1 was about proving how smart, self-aware, and worthy of carrying the HSM mantle this show was, then Season 2 was about showing off the truly talented young cast.

The original songs went to new heights, with numbers that included a Dreamgirls homage, a heartbreaking piano ballad for bona fide pop star Olivia Rodrigo , and an awe-inspiring season finale group performance. While we were hyper-focused on the Ricky Joshua Bassett and Nini Rodrigo drama last season, Season 2 shared the spotlight and made us fall even harder for Gina Sofia Wylie , EJ Matt Cornett , Carlos Frankie Rodriguez , and the whole gang as they rallied together to harness their potential and stop the evil North High from stealing their shine.

What more could you want? The series focused on the Korean-Canadian Kim family, and part of what made it so special is that it wasn't gimmicky or overwrought — it was just about the everyday lives of ordinary people, who happened to be very funny along the way. Over five seasons, fans became part of the Kim family, making the show's sudden cancellation by CBC Television the worst kind of sneak attack.

The final season was made more bittersweet when stars Simu Liu and Jean Yoon spoke out about a frustrating lack of diversity behind the scenes , which led to missed opportunities for richer storylines. But the revelation that they had to fight for their characters also makes what the cast accomplished on screen more impressive. We'll pray to "the Jesus" that the massive success of a sitcom with a predominantly Asian cast will open the door for future comedies that center Asian stories — with diverse writers' rooms.

Where to stream: The CW. The network's new superhero venture seems to be the most adult series in the bunch. Although steeped in comics lore — how about that John Henry Irons reveal? Instead, the show sets itself apart by leaning into the grounded, earnest family and small town drama of it all.

It's at its best when focusing on the dynamics of a family with not one but spoiler! A huge reason for that is the abundance of chemistry between its Clark and Lois, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch. Not that any of this should be surprising given the series' title; the show was never meant to just be about the Man of Steel fighting bad guys.

Made for Love begins with a disheveled woman Cristin Milioti in a soaking cocktail dress climbing out of a hatch in the ground and finding herself alone in the desert. Things only get more absurd from there.

Based on the novel by Alissa Nutting, this dark comedy follows Hazel, a wife on the run after her controlling tech mogul husband Billy Magnussen kept her trapped in a luxurious, VR-enhanced compound for 10 years, eventually implanting a monitoring chip in her brain without her consent.

With the help of a dolphin yes, really , she flees the compound and returns to her childhood home, where her alcoholic dad Ray Romano now lives with his synthetic partner — a sex doll named Diane. But, of course, Hazel's husband is tracking her the whole time. If this sounds like a Black Mirror -style stress watch, don't worry — the writing is darkly funny and sometimes poignant the series hails from Patrick Somerville, who also co-created the Emma Stone -starring Netflix sci-fi series Maniac , and the casts' comedic talents shine.

By the time you arrive at the twist ending after flying through eight half-hour episodes, you'll be glad there's another season in the works. Is there a recipe for the perfect TV escape? Here's one: Cast international star Omar Sy as a supersmart gentleman thief, artfully craft a revenge story, and set it all in Paris.

That's the magic formula for French heist drama Lupin. In just 10 episodes, the series became an instant highlight of thanks to its clever plotting and Sy's captivating performance as a master criminal driven to avenge his father's death, even as his high-stakes quest pulled his own child into the action. Quelle horreur! It helps that Sy is the rare lead actor who remains charismatic and believable whether he's dressed to the nines or rocking basic sweats.

It's almost certain that a hitman lives a more interesting life than you, but FX's dark comedy Mr Inbetween wants you to know that's only true half the time. The Australian series follows hitman Ray, played by creator Scott Ryan , not just when he's hitmanning, but when he's living that other , less interesting part of his life — you know, with the ex-wife, kid, sick brother, etc.

One moment he's dropping a body in a shallow grave, the next he's telling his young daughter about the birds and the bees. Going back and forth between Ray's dual lives provides a tonal whiplash that's more chiropractic than paralyzing; seeing both sides of Ray straightens out a seemingly disjointed character whose job is at odds with his family life. The result is a complete portrait of a complicated man who is just trying to get paid for killing Seven seasons in, black-ish 's Johnson family, led by the always-funny Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross , still manages to lead with laughter while also looking head-on at America's problems.

The Kenya Barris comedy is buzziest when it's getting real about hot-button topics like police brutality and life on the front lines of the pandemic, earning a reputation for episodes that feel essential to the moment. But it's just as good, and just as essential, when it's making less noise. We're not looking forward to saying goodbye at the end of the show's upcoming eighth season, which will be its last.

But we expect it to go out strong. Cruel Summer is the best kind of summer beach read in TV form. Told across three years in the early to mid '90s, the "she said, she said" drama jumps between the perspectives of two teens who know more than they're saying: Kate Olivia Holt , the kidnap victim, and Jeanette Chiara Aurelia , the wannabe popular girl who took over her life. As their secrets spill out, the series reveals its own agenda: to tear apart every teen show's worst "hot for teacher" storyline while still being, in every other way, exactly the type of juicy teen show that might have one.

For all the trauma it's unpacking, Cruel Summer knows the soapy mystery is what keeps its audience coming back. Cool and smart: every teen's dream. While many TV shows and films have illuminated the lives of potty-mouthed preteens too big for their britches, few have bothered to vulnerably explore how they navigate the indescribable physical and emotional evolution of their bodies on the cusp of and throughout puberty like Big Mouth has.

Whether it's masturbation, sexual identity, or even mental health, showrunner-star-co-creator Nick Kroll lifts the stigma that comes along with these natural experiences, giving these young characters space to fail, to be awkward and messy, and to grow.

Rather, the emotions and inner turmoil, as well as the myriad shenanigans that go along with this stage in life, feel genuine. The series has a way of making you laugh and cringe at the same time, mostly because it brings you back to that time in your life and reminds you that you survived it.

Who wants an all-female Muslim punk band? Not the conservative corners of their community, the members of the group Lady Parts discover early in their existence. And definitely not the racist rock fans at the small club where they play their first gig, nor the outraged internet mob that attacks them on social media. Nobody, it seems, wants Lady Parts to exist except the band itself, a cross-section of young Muslim women in London, and that makes them all the more determined to hang in there.

We Are Lady Parts creator Nida Manzoor packs everything from puke gags to pathos to full-blown musical numbers into this winning comedy about what it's like to be pulled in many directions at once, the difficulty of reconciling tradition and progress, and the power of music to unite outcasts and underdogs. Where to stream: Adult Swim , Netflix. An animated series about talking birds has no business being this good.

But if the lead voice actors are Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong , two comedians unhampered by trivial things like likeability or even respectability, then you're already halfway to a masterpiece. Creator Lisa Hanawalt and her team have designed an intimate series that brings to the forefront a variety of personal experiences women universally face, often in silence — including alcoholism, sexual assault, and standing up for yourself on the job. But even as the series earnestly engages with an often unheard audience, it balances that with bold humor with help from supporting actors like Nicole Byer , Steven Yeun , and John Early.

Experience true inner peace courtesy of a children's cooking show. They're joined by famous chefs and celebrity guests, including Michelle Obama herself as the supermarket owner who becomes their boss. But this gently funny show is good for adults' souls too. Where to stream: Netflix , The CW. But the beauty of this CW drama, and the reason it's been able to establish and grow its fan base over three seasons, is its ability to talk about serious issues — like police brutality, mental health, and addiction — in a real way, while staying true to its DNA as a fun teen show.

Few series showcase the full spectrum of Black life, from trials and tribulations to joys and celebration, as well as All American does. As the show has evolved, it has only gotten smarter with its storytelling, and the audience has become more invested in the struggles of its absurdly beautiful characters. Over its first five seasons, The Expanse has defined itself through perpetual reinvention, slipping effortlessly between genres — hard sci-fi, Western, political thriller, horror, and more.

The sprawling story is set in a future where humanity has colonized much of the solar system, and follows a small crew that finds itself embroiled in ratcheting conflicts between factions fighting for supremacy. It's a star war that never feels derivative, thanks to its detailed and unique worldbuilding and ambitious storytelling. Most importantly, The Expanse also scratches a primal itch so rarely satisfied on television: awesome spaceships. The creators deeply respect the laws of physics most of the time, anyway , lending a breathtaking coherence and believability to every space battle.

Originally on SyFy, The Expanse was saved from cancellation after its third season by Amazon, which boosted its budget and it shows. A sixth and final season has been announced — a natural ending point given the original book series being adapted — promising a proper ending to tie up the show's plethora of dangling threads.

Every violent, bleak, depressing season of The Handmaid's Tale is supposedly the last season I'm going to watch. Elisabeth Moss ' June has plot armor thicker than the glasses I wore in third grade. The show runs in circles of hope and defeat. There is never any progress toward fixing the world that Gilead has broken, the families it's destroyed, the lives it's taken… except there is.

I've quit this show so many times, only to cool off and return, lured back by the excellent cast, top-notch production value, and yes, the infuriatingly small victories. The progress is painstakingly slow and hard to see from week to week. But the heroes here aren't superpowered, and June's world isn't one that can be snapped back into place with the right glove.

Look at what each character is trying to come back from. Look at what we're all trying to come back from, post , and the value of those tiny victories becomes apparent. The Handmaid's Tale is the opposite of escapist television, but there's a place for it here.

There needs to be. What can you say about a show that's been airing for nearly 60 years and is still good? Well, it's still good — and in recent seasons, much of Doctor Who 's success has been due to the brilliance of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. The first woman to play the Doctor, Whittaker seemed to wrap up all the best bits of each Doctor before her: She has the Fourth Doctor's warmth, the Eleventh Doctor's quirkiness, and the Tenth Doctor's loyalty to her companions.

Her take on the character has become a fan favorite, which only adds to the weight of Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall 's upcoming exit from the TARDIS after one more six-episode season and three specials. But if we've learned anything from the way the series has pushed its boundaries during Whittaker's run, it's that Doctor Who thrives on reinvention. Warrior is a breakthrough in Asian representation on the screen, but that's just a bonus of this action drama that's finding new life on HBO Max after toiling in obscurity on Cinemax the forthcoming Season 3 will be an HBO Max original.

Based on the writings of Bruce Lee and brought to the screen by his daughter Shannon , Warrior 's depiction of the Tong Wars in San Francisco in the late s is appropriately gruesome and takes more turns than Lombard Street, showing a time, place, and people that television somehow always overlooks. It's Peaky Blinders with an added layer of racial issues. It's Gangs of New York with more flying kicks. But it's also wholly original as a story of immigrants making their way in a country that only barely tolerated them and fighting back against that hatred.

Almost every installment in the Real Housewives universe is valuable in its own way, but in its explosive fifth season, Potomac solidified itself as the franchise MVP. The ladies of Potomac , from Gizelle "Word on the Street" Bryant to Grande Dame Karen Huger, have long been serving up their share of incredible moments lest we ever forget the mime , so it wasn't entirely surprising to see them beat themselves at their own game.

What made Season 5 so singular was the headline-making physical altercation not a fight — an altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard, which resulted in a fascinating plotline about, among other things, the intricacies of friendship and trust. The episodes were intense, shocking, and frequently hilarious Samuels' antics with her now-deceased parrot T'Challa will live in infamy , and by the end of the season, I was left wanting even more.

RHOP is the crown jewel of reality programming, an example of what we could always have if casts were willing to commit to being as audaciously entertaining as this group of women always is. Raise a glass of champagne to them. Don't be deceived by the pitch-perfect Saturday morning '90s cartoon vibes of the pilot episode — Invincible doesn't tip its hand until a shocking final sequence subverts everything you thought you knew. Based on the multi-thousand-page comics epic by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman , Invincible joins Watchmen and The Boys to complete a holy TV trinity of edgy, bombastic deconstructions of superheroism.

While the ultra-polished, visceral animation of the action sequences is a main attraction in and of itself, the incredible emotional payoff of the season finale is what will stick with you. Alongside lead voice cast members J. Simmons , Steven Yeun , and Sandra Oh , the show's deep bench of supporting actors will have you constantly saying, "Wait, she 's in this too?

Everything's Gonna Be Okay is the kind of show that feels like a warm hug. If the first season of Josh Thomas ' sweet-hearted coming-of-age dramedy was about learning to cope with the responsibilities of sudden parenthood, the second season finds Nicholas Thomas settled into his life as guardian of his half-sisters Matilda Kayla Cromer and Genevieve Maeve Press.

It's the rare show that incorporated the pandemic into its main story in a way that didn't feel bleak: Everything's Gonna Be Okay is already such an intimate series, so forcing its characters to all be stuck in one place without the escape of school and work helps rather than hurts. The kids continue to figure out how to grieve their father, Nicholas and Alex Adam Faison continue to figure out their relationship, and everyone continues to understand that family really can look like anything, as long as there's plenty of love.

And bugs. So many bugs. A lot of expectations come with taking on a moniker like The Mighty Ducks , which made an entire generation fall in love with ice hockey and Joshua Jackson. The franchise is precious, nostalgic cargo for so many millennials, but The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers successfully carries on the Ducks legacy without rehashing the past, and does a great job of showcasing the flying-V spirit to a whole new generation. In the sequel series, the Ducks have become the enemy — an elite, for-profit club hockey team that is too focused on winning instead of on the valuable lessons in the game.

They, along with Lauren Graham as single mom Alex, help Bombay come out of his shell, and he helps them find joy in the game again. It's a heartwarming new chapter that old Ducks fans can enjoy, especially if they have ducklings of their own who are ready to quack with the team.

When a series has been this good for as long as Bob's Burgers has, it's easy to take it for granted. But 11 seasons into its run, the story of a perpetually struggling family burger restaurant remains as funny and inventive as ever, finding infinite comic fodder in the adventures of three weird kids, parents with quirks of their own, and the eccentric residents of the never-named seaside town they call home. Like The Simpsons , Bob's Burgers has built up a rich mythology over the years by adding supporting characters and trotting out running gags, from a roller-skating enthusiast who wears only a Speedo to a local raccoon named Little King Trashmouth.

But it's the characters that really make Bob's Burgers work. For instance, no other series has dealt with the awkwardness of adolescence quite so well thanks to Tina Belcher voiced by Dan Mintz , a year-old in a near-constant state of emotional turmoil who's obsessed in equal parts with boys and horses. Bob's Burgers is also just as comfortable going high concept — like an episode featuring dueling musicals inspired by Working Girl and Die Hard that showcases its creators' gift for crafting memorable songs — as it is staying low-key, happily spinning an episode out of a premise as simple as Bob H.

Jon Benjamin trying to share the pleasures of a planetarium's laser show with his son Gene Eugene Mirman before it shuts down. It was instantly apparent from her "Amber Says What? Now, her weekly late-night talk show further highlights her many talents: She's a bona fide entertainer, with a sharp wit and killer comedic timing.

Not for nothing, Ruffin also dons the best suits in late night, and her accessories alone are award-worthy. Ruffin is on her way to becoming the definitive host for these times, thanks to her honest reactions and keen observations about the tough era we're living through. She tackles topics like police brutality and Black Lives Matter while maintaining a sense of hope and joy, using humor to push the conversation forward.

NBC has aired some episodes of The Amber Ruffin Show , and we hope Ruffin can shift permanently from Peacock to the network lineup; she deserves a wider audience. Where to stream: Hulu , Peacock. The greatness of This is Us doesn't come from its fairly innocuous family narrative; the Dan Fogelman -led series is actually about memory — how the often-inflated stories we tell ourselves about the people we love stack up against their own truth.

Even more fascinating is that the center of this story, family patriarch Jack Pearson Milo Ventimiglia , is dead. The series has gotten more interesting over time as it oscillates between revealing flashbacks of Jack and exploring how his immediate family members — wife Rebecca an astounding Mandy Moore , daughter Kate Chrissy Metz and sons Randall and Kevin Sterling K.

Brown and Justin Hartley — have tried to hold on to, if not emulate, their images of him throughout their lives. Even as we learn more about Jack — and, consequently, more about the people he left behind as they navigate addiction, love, infertility, mental illness, and grief — it becomes less about who he really was and more about why they so desperately yearn for him to be a hero, then and now.

The result was a deeply layered look at how we all need help, even those who are the designated helpers. Watching the season was both cathartic and comforting, as there were issues anyone could relate to: isolation, alcoholism, denial, and loneliness. It was often emotional, but it hurt so good. After so many seasons of relationship changes, marriages, babies, corgis, crimes, and heists, the gang at the Nine-Nine feels like family. The sitcom, created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur , is signing off in an era when cop shows have to be handled more carefully than ever, but it's one of the few shows on TV right now with the tools to do that conversation justice.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already built empathetic storylines around topics like racial profiling, coming out, and the MeToo movement. Goor and company have crafted over seven seasons of terrifically humane, relatable, and often nutty comedy. We're going to miss this show when it ends, but thankfully, it's re-watchable.

Title of Jake's… well, you know. A self-important white guy. A Native American community. A statue. The ingredients of Rutherford Falls sound like a recipe for resentment followed by a terribly articulated vow to make amends. But the sitcom — created by Sierra Teller Ornelas , Michael Schur , and Ed Helms — isn't out to make too many bold political statements. Rather, it spends its time humanizing its characters and exploring the concept on which the show's small Northeast town rests: legacy.

Rutherford Falls boasts five Native writers and a variety of Native characters who reclaim the American narrative from the detrimental depictions of Native culture we've seen too many times before. These characters are allowed to be funny, ambitious, romantic, and angry without leaning into stereotypes.

At the center is Reagan Jana Schmieding , a Northwestern grad who wants to expand her local cultural center to celebrate the history of her tribe. Meanwhile, town namesake Nathan Rutherford Helms is trying to preserve a statue of his ancestor that — for many reasons — is causing a major conflict, especially with Reagan's boss, Terry a scene-stealing Michael Greyeyes.

Rutherford Falls sees the best in its characters , even when they're wrong. Along the way, the show opens up a conversation that has long needed to be had. I don't think I'm going out on a limb here by saying the pandemic has been a steaming pile of poo, but one good thing to come out of it was watching a pop star try to cook. The entertainment was twofold: Not only did we learn how to cook some great meals, but Gomez's combination of inexperience almost every chef was terrified of her slasher-film knife skills , incompetence she started a fire in Season 2 , coolness the fire didn't faze her AT ALL , and commitment she was never afraid to get her hands VERY dirty were inspirational.

If she could do it, so could you. Going even further to cure our loneliness, Gomez and her roster of guest chefs — who all Zoomed in and gave step-by-step instructions — were all charming to the point that watching the show was like hanging out with friends when we needed it most.

Through hilariously soundtracked fight sequences, a giant blue stuffed toy animal, ridiculously bad baddies, and questionably "good" good guys, The CW's weirdest show has wormed its way into viewers' hearts over the past six seasons. We've followed the Waverider along on the wackiest adventures to the future, the past, and more alternate timelines than we can count.

Heading into the current season, there was only one place Legends of Tomorrow had left to go: space. But in true Legends fashion, they haven't done it the traditional way. Two team members get lost in space, and the rest try to track down rogue aliens who've been scattered through time. The fact that a main character is revealed to be an alien — and has always been an alien — speaks to the writers' impressive ability to continually throw zany plots at fans without having everything blow up in their faces.

Instead, each time the show goes to another extreme, it just leaves fans asking for more — quite possibly in song or puppet form. What a lovely thing to watch a spin-off of a beloved show — in this case, family drama The Fosters — grow to stand on its own.

This is exactly what's happened with Freeform's Good Trouble over the course of its three seasons; it's no longer just an extension of sisters Callie Maia Mitchell and Mariana Cierra Ramirez Adams Foster's story, but a confident, bold, sudsy ensemble drama about a group of twentysomethings trying to figure it all out in a Los Angeles communal living building.

The series has only gotten better with age, shedding some unnecessary gimmicks it used as crutches early on and instead focusing on what it does best: finding that sweet spot between making thoughtful social commentary such as compelling storylines on sexism in the tech industry, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Asian stereotypes in entertainment, to name a few and providing copious amounts of juicy and easy-to-root-for romantic entanglements.

The youths are hooking up, breaking up, and falling in and out of love. I would love to see someone like Amy Sherman-Palladino or Aaron Sorkin or anyone else who treats dialogue as though it's verbal diarrhea watch an episode of the effectively taciturn Primal , the latest from master storyteller Genndy Tartakovsky. The Adult Swim cartoon is a throwback to silent film and samurai movies, but set in a violent and untamed fantastical prehistoric world, following a caveman named Spear and a Tyrannosaur named Fang whose lives intertwine after the shared trauma of their families being slaughtered by a common enemy.

The two natural foes become unlikely friends, battling all sorts of natural and supernatural beings — wicked witches, angry mammoths, bloodthirsty primates — with the sole goal of making it to tomorrow. In Tartakovsky's hands, Primal is a masterclass in showing and not telling; his sense of timing and direction can make even the empty gaze of a dinosaur fill with emotion, feeding into the Boy and His Dog humor that is crossbred with the gory violence of their grueling existence.

The severed limbs and cracking bones will get most of the attention, but it's the bond between man and beast that makes Primal one of the best shows on air. Even when John Oliver is broadcasting from the void, Last Week Tonight continues to offer insightful, funny, and sometimes uncomfortable commentary on the state of the world. Oliver is an expert at political deep dives, but he and his team have also done incredible, passionate investigative journalism on everything from the meatpacking industry to vaccine hesitancy to the militarization of police.

There's a reason this late night show has won 20 Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards. When you wake up in the morning and your alarm gives out a warning This revival of the early-'90s Saturday morning staple is a funny, topical throwback that incorporates just enough winks and nods at the original to be cute without going overboard. The new series kicks off with Bayside High welcoming transfers from a lower-income school that's been shut down by Governor Zach Morris himself Mark-Paul Gosselaar , a setup that lets it skewer what a bubble the OG series was set in.

Saved by the Bell also explores real teen problems in a thoughtful way, especially through standout Josie Totah , who plays a trans cheerleader with her own reality show. It's fun to see Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley reprising their original roles, too — a little older but not necessarily any wiser.

Cobra Kai is an '80s nostalgia-fest that is so much better than it has any right to be. Three seasons of watching adult Johnny William Zabka and Daniel-san Ralph Macchio fail to deal with their own residual high-school trauma — and subsequently traumatize a new generation of karate kids who flock to their respective dojos, Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang — have finally given way to a team-up between the former rivals as they work together to take down John Kreese's Martin Kove violent spin on the Cobra Kai dojo.

Since its YouTube Red days, Cobra Kai 's surprisingly mature and insightful take on the Karate Kid films we all know and love has turned the expected outcomes for Daniel and Johnny on their heads. The good guys don't always live blissfully ever after in the happiness they've earned, and the bad guys don't always deserve what keeps coming to them.

Cobra Kai is what happens when the archetypal '80s rivals get to be fully developed human beings, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of unpacked emotional baggage. Also there is karate. Karate is cool. A TV show inspired by Joel and Ethan Coen 's classic crime film didn't sound like a particularly good idea when Fargo debuted in , much less the basis of a series that would last four seasons and counting.

Creator Noah Hawley smartly didn't try to remake the original so much as turn Fargo into an extended remix of themes and elements from the film and the rest of the Coens' filmography , exploring clashes between avarice and virtue in the frostiest corners of the 21st century Upper Midwest. At least at first. Subsequent seasons have hopped around in time and place as a rotating cast has cycled in and out, playing characters who learn hard truths about crime, human nature, and what it takes to get ahead in America, no matter the setting.

Though some seasons have worked better than others, Fargo has remained consistently stylish and daring, filled with remarkable performances from big-name stars like Kirsten Dunst and Chris Rock , emerging talents like Allison Tolman , and veterans making a welcome return to the spotlight like Jean Smart and Glynn Turman. Not many shows — especially teen comedies — would have the guts to let their protagonist do as many unlikable things as Devi Vishwakumar Maitreyi Ramakrishnan does throughout Never Have I Ever 's first two seasons.

Let's be honest, the girl can be a real jerk to her friends, the two guys who have fallen for her, her mother. Yet somehow, it's impossible not to root for Devi. Part of that is thanks to Ramakrishnan's continually charming performance that seems to grow in confidence with each episode.

The other part of the equation is surely that Devi is such an authentic and refreshing teen character. Creators Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher allow her to be angry, emotional, and confused — things all teens feel at some point while trying to survive high school, but especially pertinent for someone dealing with the immense grief that Devi is processing after the loss of her father.

Hollywood has never met a character who can't be molded into an unlikely police consultant — including, apparently, the literal devil. But Lucifer more than earns the leap it takes with its initial premise, which sounds like it was written by a bot that watched a lot of Bones : Lucifer Morningstar Tom Ellis , who's abandoned hell to become a nightclub owner in Los Angeles, partners up with LAPD detective Chloe Decker Lauren German to solve crime.

The series, inspired by the DC Comics version of the fallen angel, is far smarter and more wickedly fun than it has any right to be. It isn't just the playful cases or the steamy chemistry between the leads. Lucifer's otherworldly daddy issues also let the show ask big questions about what it takes to be worthy of grace.

He's got one last season to go, but his promotion in the Season 5 finale was a heavenly capper to the ultimate redemption arc. Reservation Dogs is the ideal end-of-summer show, a chill hangout comedy about friends getting into scrapes. To fund an escape to California, they steal trucks and cause trouble, landing themselves in a turf war with a much more intimidating gang. Created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi , Reservation Dogs is brought to the screen by an all-Indigenous lineup of writers, directors, and stars, who've built an authentic world that feels loved and lived-in from the start.

It's also a riot. Together with Peacock's Rutherford Falls , which premiered months earlier, it signals a long-overdue shift in Native representation, both on screen and behind the scenes. The more Native characters we get on TV, the more they can simply exist, like the Dogs do. Where to stream: Hulu , Philo. Five seasons in, it remains a mystery why more people are not talking about how great Queen Sugar is.

Are you looking for emotional melodrama? Thought-provoking political and socio-economic discussions? A complicated family saga? Gorgeous, lush visuals? Queen Sugar has had all of that from the beginning. But so much of what makes Queen Sugar sing is the specificity built into the story of rural Louisiana's Bordelon siblings. The show's themes and emotions are universal, but its setting anchors it in a Black Southern perspective that sets it apart from other family dramas.

This was never more on display than in Season 5, as Queen Sugar dealt with the turmoil of , diving into how a Southern parish full of farmers and small business owners coped with the pandemic and the fallout from George Floyd's murder. Along the way, the show revealed new complexities to all of its major players, never letting its characters get lost in the topical stories. And not for nothing, long-suffering couple Ralph Angel Kofi Siriboe and Darla's Bianca Lawson wedding was easily one of the most romantic things on television in the past year.

Sometimes when you strip back a show's gimmick, there's not much else left to it. But if you look past cute Baby Yoda, you'll find The Mandalorian is still an incredibly good show. Is it possible that we're just geeking out about Season 2 showing us a young Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill?

Of course. And if we're being honest, cute Baby Yoda goes a long way. We were devastated when Marvel's WandaVision , a fresh and masterful portrait of a superhuman woman's grief, fell outside the eligibility window for this year's Best Shows list. And we were disappointed by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , an ambitious but ultimately ponderous series that left us worried Marvel might not be represented at all on this year's ranking. Luckily, along came Loki , at once a poignant redemption tale and riotous romp through time and space that brought to mind some of the most delightful aspects of Doctor Who.

Tom Hiddleston 's Shakespearean training was on full display as he reprised his role as everyone's favorite tragic god of mischief. And just when we thought Hiddleston was in danger of chewing the scenery, the scenery itself seemed to up the ante, straddling the line between spectacular and straight-up bonkers. Hiddleston was matched by Sophia Di Martino , who played a female variant of Loki from a different timeline, and their relationship was tender and vulnerable while also providing plenty of comedic moments.

Throw in the stellar supporting cast, including Owen Wilson 's wonderfully deadpan time agent Mobius, Richard E. Here's hoping Season 2 can shoulder the burden of Loki's newfound glorious purpose. FX's drama about the crack cocaine epidemic of the s has coincidentally or perhaps intentionally? Snowfall began as a three-tiered story that followed the crack trade in South Central, the feds funneling drug money into the Iran-Contra affair, and a Mexican crime family in East L.

But the series has since narrowed its focus to where it belongs: crack cocaine's destruction within South Central L. The tighter story has paid off in Season 4, deftly showing the corruption — moral, emotional, and physical — that arrives with the addictive drug, and making Snowfall one of TV's best crime dramas. And there's still more to come; Franklin's Damson Idris transformation from young man to violent kingpin isn't done yet, if the wild Season 4 finale is anything to go on.

Where to stream: Showtime. You think YOU have problems? Showtime's brilliant docuseries shows you that you're not alone, and you're likely in better shape than most, as Dr. Orna Guralnik counsels couples at their breaking point through their issues in painstaking detail. Though everyone knows they're on camera, there are no performances, and things get very, very raw. But beyond the delicious dirty laundry, Couples Therapy is groundbreaking as a wonderful advocate for therapy and finding support for mental health, showing how productive and nonthreatening therapy can be while also humanizing the therapist's role in sessions.

Most importantly, it's easy to see yourself in any of her clients and take in the free advice to make you a better person. In this new wave of self-help TV, Couples Therapy is the best. Everything about creator Sam Levinson 's semi-autobiographical series is messy, but Euphoria itself is one of the most beautiful messes to premiere in a long time.

That's not only on account of its gorgeous cinematography and ethereal makeup and styling, but also its unflinching image of Rue, a young female addict played by a fearless Zendaya continuously flailing into an abyss. Perhaps it's Levinson's personal connection to Rue's story that fills it with as much heart as despair and longing, giving his proxy both a heroic and empathic glow even as she sits at a diner in the middle of the night with her sponsor Colman Domingo , wallowing in her own dejection.

Euphoria could have been a captivating singular portrait on its own with Rue's story, but it almost outdoes itself by opening up the story to the interior lives of other young people — including the wonderful Hunter Schafer 's Jules — seeped in their own alluring agony. Season 4 of The Crown finally gave fans what they'd been waiting for — Lady Diana Spencer Emma Corrin , the future Princess of Wales, in all her tragically put-upon glory.

The latest season made her marriage to Charles Josh O'Connor seem doomed from the start, but it was hard to look away as the royals did their best to keep the mismatched couple together for God and Country or something. It's not like we're watching The Crown for flawless historical accuracy. We're watching it because it's a pretty, impeccably cast soap opera about privileged weirdos. Thatcher's stories occasionally ended up overshadowed by the Wales' marital strife, but, again: soap opera.

This show is perfect bingeing for the viewer who likes their trashy tabloid fodder with a splash of sophistication. Where to stream: Topic. In what was then the most incarcerated major city in America, Krasner ran on a platform of ending mass incarceration and won.

The series is a gripping inside look at his first term, which ruffles feathers both for the changes Krasner makes and the ones he fails to make. Positioned squarely at the intersection of local and national politics, Philly D. It's the new season of The Wire you've been waiting for. In a perfect world, someday we'll talk about This Way Up with as much reverence as we talk about Fleabag. The shows, both British productions about thirtysomething women coping with trauma, share DNA, though it must be said that This Way Up is very much its own animal.

It's a snapshot of a life in the process of being rebuilt, of what it's like to not simply ignore but actually live with mental illness. It's messy and chaotic and hilarious in all the best ways. You will also absolutely walk away with "Zombie" by the Cranberries stuck in your head, but that's part of the charm.

The series starts off by kicking its titular actress Suzie in the shins when a video of her in a compromising sexual position blows up online, leaving her to contend with relentless slut-shaming from strangers and acquaintances alike.

Suzie tries to continue her life as normally as she can — throwing a birthday party for her son, repairing her flailing relationship with her husband Daniel Ings , and resuming her career, but she realizes that she can't sweep the video under the rug nor should she , or overcome the massive backlash. At a time of unchecked "you go, girl" storytelling, I Hate Suzie ultimately shows a woman uprooting the messes of her life so that she, and the rest of the world, can get a better look at them.

The new kid on the sketch comedy block in was A Black Lady Sketch Show , a series with a title that pretty much tells you what you need to know about its premise. What it doesn't tell you is how good this show is. Through two seasons on HBO with a third on the way , Robin Thede 's variety show has been hysterical, combining biting satirical sketches and absurdist humor with frank discussions about gender, race, dating, and sex.

The main cast is stacked with talent — check out star and writer Ashley Nicole Black , who's so good she'll be competing against herself at the Emmys as a writer for both this series and The Amber Ruffin Show. Dear Reader, you may have tuned in to what is now Netflix's most-watched original program for a period piece spectacle, but you stayed because it also turned out to be one of the steamiest shows you've seen in years.

Bridgerton was the first series to be produced under Shondaland's partnership with Netflix, and Shonda Rhimes and showrunner Chris Van Dusen served up the prolific producer's signature soapy drama and combined it with harlequin romance unencumbered by the more conservative standards and practices of broadcast TV. We were attracted by the beautiful look of the series and the diversity of its cast, but we fell hook, line, and, sinker for Rege-Jean Page 's brooding Duke Simon and the sweeping romance he shared with Daphne Phoebe Dynevor.

The series was more than just a good binge — it had us repeating our favorite sequences and scenes over and over again for weeks. Spoons have never been sexier, and the words "I burn for you" are now imprinted on our souls. The Last Chance U franchise was already one of the best sports docuseries going before it dribbled onto the basketball hardcourt after five seasons on the football field. But the change of sport and scenery proved to be exactly what Last Chance U needed.

Moving to East Los Angeles and to a more emotionally accessible sport no helmets does wonders for television, and a player team is easier to follow than one with 50 , Last Chance U: Basketball went deeper than a Dame Lillard three into the hopes and obstacles of the ELAC Huskies players, many of them still teenagers, and the coaching staff — including the series' first Black coach — who sacrificed so much to see them succeed.

The result is the best season of Last Chance U yet, peaking with an astounding episode in which the kids are whisked off the streets of East L. Let's hope the show stays on the court. A key element of comedy is surprise, and Dave continues to be one of the most surprising comedies on television. Rapper-comedian Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky , draws heavily from his own life for the show's storylines, and he has an essential comedy foil in GaTa , his friend and hype man who is so much more than a sidekick.

Season 2 finds Dave trying to make his first album and grow his audience, but his many neuroses keep getting in the way. The creatively adventurous series is unafraid to talk about mental health, white privilege, and complicated love relationships with humor and humanity, all while its protagonist faces the constant challenge of trying to make a dollar and a cent in this world. Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch people make bad choices.

The Flight Attendant delivers. The darkly comedic thriller stars Kaley Cuoco , never better, as a hot-mess flight attendant named Cassie who wakes up after a boozy night in Bangkok next to her fling's dead body. Cassie's fumbling quest to clear her name forces her to face what's screwed up in her, confronting memories she's repressed for decades.

It's a fizzy, addictive caper with a Hitchcockian flair, and Cuoco makes it impossible to look away as her character spirals. Plus, Michelle Gomez spends most of the season killing people on the periphery of the action. More shows should have that. Prisoner uncredited Myke Cotton Warden uncredited Raymond Dunbar Prisoner uncredited Julian Essex-Spurrier Prisoner uncredited Anthony Tim Forde Prisoner uncredited Joe Gallucci Boyfriend uncredited Clive De-Halton Gibson Spiegeltent Police uncredited Scarlet Grace Girl uncredited Robby Haynes Prisoner uncredited Jermaine Humes Prisoner uncredited Ty Hurley Clergyman uncredited Danny Jackson Market Trader uncredited Yasmin J.

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Speaking from her experience, those kinds of qualities are not gender-based. Instead of searching for success' factors in gender qualities, Jody Samuels prefers to look into one's determination to become a profitable trader. The conclusion is, if a person has goals to become a successful trader, no matter what their gender are, then they need to do whatever it takes to learn their best.

With that being said, becoming a successful trader does not depend on a spesific gender, but rather on a person's goal and their determination. An active forex trader and an economic news surfer. The experience of being cheated by a scam broker makes me put more concerns on fraudulence issues. A news writer since , I intend to share some useful information and the latest broker news for traders.

The most important thing in making money is not letting your losses get out of hand. They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance. If you don't bet, you can't win. If you lose all your chips, you can't bet. Losers get high from the action; the pros look for the best odds.

I do nothing in the meantime. They are taking 5 to 10 percent risk, on a trade they should be taking 1 to 2 percent risk on. Not finding what you're looking for in this page? Or go to one of our top sections if you need any suggestion. Jody Samuels, The Queen of Quid. Another succes story of women in forex comes from Jody Samuels, an experienced trader who began her career in From An Intern to Queen of Quid Jody Samuels was first introduced to the world of forex trading when she had an internship in a Norwegian bank.

Converting to Retail Trading In her account of turning into an individual trader, gaining confidence came as the most prominent challenge she remembered. Give Your Comment Here. More Articles on Trading Success Story. Most Sensational Forex Millionaire Stories. Top Stories from 7 Successful Traders in India. Exness Secures Operating License in Kenya.

Free Ebook. Jack Schwager. Michael Marcus. Bruce Kovner. Peter Bernstein. Jesse Livermore. Martin Schwartz. Alexander Elder. Mark Douglas. Victor Sperandeo. Peter Lynch. Nicolas Darvas. Ed Seykota. Larry Hite. Warren Buffet. George Soros. Jim Rogers. Paul Tudor Jones. Warren Buffett. Money is secondary. Bill Lipschutz. Lowest Spreads Brokers. Compare forex brokers side by side List of top forex brokers in various categories Search the best broker based on your own rules All about social trading What's new in the brokerage industry Latest bonus update from any forex broker Money Management calculator Enter the world of cryptocurrency.

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