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Yamaha financial services address

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Default Interest Rates YMF may charge default interest on any amount that is not paid by a borrower when it is due. The default interest rate is charged in addition to annual interest rate on the arrears amount outstanding.

The rate varies based on when a contract was initiated. Interest rates, credit fees and charges are subject to change. Click here for a general YMF enquiry. Email: customerservice ymf. Fax: Hardship Assistance. For hardship assistance please contact us by;. Phone: Email: c ustomerassist ymf. Mail: Private Bag , Botany, Auckland Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Process If you have a complaint about any aspects of our products and services, please contact us first on so that we can resolve your concerns.

Once we are aware of your concern our staff will take the appropriate steps to address your concerns immediately. If the staff member is not able to resolve this with you, the matter will be escalated to a higher level to the relevant manager. You may request this escalation at any time by calling or writing to us. The manager will investigate the issue and take all reasonable steps to resolve the matter with you or your authorised representative.

Escalating your complaint Should you feel that your complaint has not been properly handled or you are not satisfied with the result, you may request an independent review of your dispute by writing to: Dispute Resolution Officer Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited.

Private Bag Botany, Auckland Email: complaints ymf. This independent body is approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Complaints to FSCL need to meet certain criteria. Download our complaints brochure PDF for more information. Click here for a general YMF Enquiry. The information provided by YMF on this website is of a general nature and for information only.

Before making a decision about finance options featured on our website, you should consult with your independent legal, taxation and financial advisor, who can advise you which finance arrangement will best suits your individual circumstances, objectives and personal or commercial needs. Credit criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our General Information section for more details about our loan products, fees, charges and standard loan terms and conditions.

A copy of full terms and conditions is also available on request and will be included with the loan contract and schedule. You are protected by responsible lending laws. This means that duties and requirements imposed on people who give financial advice do not apply to these recommendations. This includes a duty to comply with a code of conduct and a requirement to be licensed. YMI products have been designed so that you can specifically tailor your insurance cover to suit your individual needs.

Please enable JavaScript to browse this site. Home Buying Yamaha Motor Finance. Make your dream a reality Apply for finance today. Make Your Dream a Reality Apply for finance today. Yamaha Financial Services is committed to supporting our customers through these uncertain times, please click here for more information. Yamaha Motor Finance. Make Your Dream A Reality Yamaha has been supplying innovative and exciting leisure products for more than 60 years and Yamaha Motor Finances YMF goal is to help you purchase the products you have always wanted to make your dream a reality.

Credit Fees and Charges. I will never finance through them again! If you want a bike go through a bank or a different finance company. We have reviewed your account and see that the bank information for the payment made on February 16, was made using the Savings account information provided by youThis is the same payment that was then returned to us on February 21, marked non-sufficient fundsIn circumstances like this, it is a policy of TCI to ask that we are provided documentation showing that an error was made so we can review the documentation and determine any fees to be credited to the accountTCI has reviewed the documents you provided and see that the payment was drawn from the same account number used in previous transactions.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at for assistance. It is very important that you let us know how this situation is resolved so that it will not affect your business review in our systemPlease note that we are only requesting your side of the story, not directing you to provide the consumer what they are seekingThe only requirement we have for a satisfactory response is that it specifically address the issues of the particular complaint.

It is also important for you to be aware that if you do not let us know that you have responded to your consumer, your review will potentially indicate that you have an unsatisfactory record with the Revdex. Please understand that the customer's complaint and your response will be publicly posted on the Revdex. AKatella Ave Cypress, CA We do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced and hope this resolves the concerns you have with your account.

The total amount The bill of sale did not specify that one of the three units was paid in full nor that the amount financed was for the second Waverunner. On or about June 14, , Mr. Although the account was technically delinquent for the August 1, payment since no further payments were received , Yamaha Motor Finance re-aged this account for delinquency and postponed required payments as part of its short-term, large-scale effort to provide some relief to customers who were affected by the severe weather conditions in Texas and Florida around this time.

Following our inquiry, Mr. Since the total amount paid by the insurance company to Mr. We hope that our response was sufficient in clarifying any misunderstanding Mr. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. Lets Make something clear. I also attached the title that was giving to me by [redacted] Motorosports.

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Owning a Yamaha has never been easier! With Yamaha Financial Services, you can apply for financing at your local Yamaha dealer or through Yamaha-motor. You can select a unit online, build it to your specifications and apply for financing at your convenience. Simple and affordable. The Standard Finance option breaks your loan into equal, consecutive monthly payments with competitive interest rates and terms.

At the end of your term, your balance is paid in full! Want lower monthly payments without being locked into a long term? If so, Balloon financing is for you! Balloon financing allows for a lower monthly payment through the term of the contract relative to a traditional finance contract, and it creates flexibility at the end of the term as the balloon can be paid off or refinanced.

You have the option to keep your Yamaha, or trade it in for a new one! The figures in the above table are intended only to illustrate some examples and the potential differences between various financing options. There's nothing like the thrill of enjoying a brand new Yamaha.

Now when you're ready to bring home another Yamaha, there's even more reason to get excited! Yamaha Financial Services offers returning Yamaha customers discounted finance rates through the Yamaha Loyalty Program. Customers can qualify for the Yamaha Loyalty Program discount in one of two ways:. Boat packages are excluded. Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. You can select a unit online, build it to your specifications and apply for it at your convenience.

You can contact us by telephone at I have a business and I wish to finance my new Yamaha under my business name, can I do that? Yes you can! Yamaha Financial Services has finance options available for all types of businesses. All of our loans are open and completely flexible for your convenience.

We allow you to make lump-sum payments on your account so you can pay off your loan sooner and reduce your interest charges. If you do not wish to accept these cookies or wish to accept only specific categories of cookies such asonly the social media cookies , please click on the "customise your cookies settings" button below.

You can also change your settings and withdraw your consent at any time via our Cookie Policy. Please read this cookie policy to learn more about the cookies we use and how we use them. I agree, take me there Cancel. Yes, I agree No, I refuse Find out more. Cookies on Yamaha Motor's website On our website yamaha-motor.

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