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Ipo dropbox

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When they file to go public, however, the number of shares is typically only the shares outstanding a smaller number than the fully-diluted share count. As a result, the company's "valuation" may decrease even though the price paid per share has gone up. Companies analyzed in the Path to IPO are chosen on the basis of interest to the investing public and are not necessarily those in which transactions have been completed on the EquityZen platform.

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I'm an investor! I've got equity! To learn more about whether you're eligible, typical investment size, company valuation, and share price, request access here. Tweet Share Share Embed. Copy the HTML snippet below and paste it in your site. I do think Dropbox is a fantastic service, but I'm a bit conflicted as to its implied valuation though the company hasn't officially announced its pricing intentions yet - market observers are simply going off history.

Box's absolute market valuation as well as its revenue multiple are both substantially below Dropbox's private valuation. BOX data by YCharts. See the company's funding timeline below from Crunchbase :. Figure 1. Dropbox funding timeline Source: Crunchbase. I'm betting that either one of two things will happen - either Box will rally some more as investors anticipate a successful Dropbox IPO as a Box long, this is what I'm hoping for to fill the valuation gap, or Dropbox will drop its valuation to stay closer to its rival.

Dropbox only really differs, at least from a financial profile standpoint, in one key area: it's reportedly EBITDA profitable, while Box has long been known to invest all its profits into sales and has high loss margins. While Dropbox's profitability and possibly a higher growth rate? All told, Dropbox's IPO is definitely one worth watching, and it will be especially interesting to see how bankers will sell the valuation and how investors will take it. Let's take a look at Dropbox's offerings and see how it stacks up against Box, noting that the key takeaway here is that the two services have a lot of overlap and are virtually similar in almost every way.

When it comes to individual consumers, Dropbox and Box don't really have much distinction - it's really a matter of preference, though it's notable that Dropbox is the much larger player in the space. In August, Dropbox reported it had million users of which k were businesses , though these include both free-tier and paying users. Box doesn't disclose its retail customer counts, but it's nowhere near that many. Here's a look at how Box's consumer offerings stack up against Dropbox's:.

Figure 2. Box consumer plans Figure 3. Dropbox consumer plans. Box's consumer offerings come in two tiers, much like Dropbox's three Dropbox Basic, its free tier, isn't included in this chart. The Teams section on the right side of the chart is more akin to its business offerings, which we'll turn to next.

When it comes to the free tier, Box is probably the superior choice, as it offers 10GB of free space. It's a shame that Dropbox is the larger player in consumer storage - probably a branding and first-mover advantage.

Dropbox Basic, as its free tier is called, only offers 2GB of free space, though more free space can be "earned" by referring family and friends to Dropbox. For someone who hoards a lot of photos and videos, Dropbox is the clear winner in the higher-storage area. Dropbox Professional, its most expensive plan at twice the price of Plus, comes with the same storage allocation but with advanced security and file sync features. The short and sweet summary: if you're just looking for a free service to dump a small picture collection, Box is the better option; but if you have a massive archive of multimedia, Dropbox is the better bang for your buck.

The enterprise end is where the differences become a bit more interesting, as this is where the companies start to diverge. It later moved into its personal storage options. Dropbox, on the other hand, is the opposite - starting as a storage company for the masses, and only recently moving into business and enterprise. The two companies and their founders have often found themselves at odds in public, with Dropbox deriding Box for its snootiness and attachment to its corporate clients, and Box looking down upon Dropbox for its "non-enterprise-ready" features.

Dropbox, as previously mentioned, counts k business customers - despite its orientation as a consumer company, this is still far more than Box's 80k enterprise clients. Enterprise pricing, of course, is customized to each client, but we can look at the two companies' smaller business pricing to get a feel for how the cost equation stacks up:.

Figure 4. Box business plans Figure 5.

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The Dropbox IPO

Dropbox shares jumped on Friday in the cloud storage provider's first day of trading on the Nasdaq. The stock opened more than 40 percent higher. Today Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and productivity company, saw its shares' value fall under their IPO value. Dropbox filed for an initial public offering (IPO), pricing its shares at $$18 a piece, putting its valuation as high as $8 billion.