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Alibaba ipo information

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Anyone with a brokerage account can purchase Alibaba stock in the U. There's plenty to be optimistic about regarding Alibaba. The company is expanding overseas with its AliExpress marketplace for oversea buyers. It's also expanding Kaola. Alibaba is expected to continue to grow its number of merchants, brands, and enterprise customers for its cloud platform.

While there may be many reasons why Alibaba went public in the U. Since its IPO, Alibaba experienced tremendous success throughout most of Regardless of the recent performance of Alibaba's stock price, when foreign companies list on U. This makes it a win not just for the foreign company but for the U. Alibaba Group. Securities and Exchange Commission. New York Stock Exchange. Top Stocks. International Markets.

Investing Essentials. Tech Stocks. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents. Range of Motion. The Bottom Line. Markets International Markets. The company went public in the U. Many believe that Alibaba's founders chose to go public in the U. Investors tend to trust companies listed on the NYSE because of the exchange's reputation and requirement for transparency.

There is a greater range of motion for companies listed on the NYSE, as it allows for more seamless acquisitions of U. When Did Alibaba Go Public? Article Sources. The IPO was expected to be the largest in history and to give Alibaba a massive valuation—making founder Jack Ma one of the world's richest men. The glittery initial public offering, which prices Thursday evening, may not be all gold. Here's how that compares with other tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

But not all market watchers share his optimism. Alibaba has increased efforts to rid its e-commerce platforms of fakes, but experts say it's an uphill battle. In an era of rapid technological advances and demographic change, how do legacy companies adapt, innovate and evolve?

CNBC Evolve features iconic global companies and executives who are embracing change and transforming for the future. Investing Club. Alibaba officially the biggest-ever IPO. What to do with Alibaba, now? More Bitcoin tanks, is Alibaba to blame? Amid Alibaba fever, reasons for caution with IPOs. Jack Ma: The full interview. Beyond the hype: Why some are avoiding Alibaba.

Yahoo rakes in another jackpot from Alibaba's IPO. Three things that could go wrong with Alibaba IPO. Alibaba to price within existing range: Sources. How Alibaba stacks up to other tech titans.

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Alibaba was one of the highest-profile IPOs of the s. › news › heres-much-investing The Wall Street hype machine is in full swing for the Chinese online retail giant Alibaba's initial public offering.