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Forex trading live democratic convention penn state harrisburg financial aid

Forex trading live democratic convention

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Trump is a lousy businessman. Bloomberg hit Donald Trump on Wednesday night where it hurts: in his business portfolio. God help us! Bloomberg, who briefly considered his own third-party run for the White House, acknowledged he and Clinton have had their political differences and -- in an explicit reach for political independents and other skeptics -- said others may too.

And we must unite around the candidate who can defeat a dangerous demagogue. God help us. WikiLeaks released 29 voicemails hacked from Democratic Party staffers on Wednesday evening, dropping the latest leaks shortly before prime-time programming at the Democratic National Convention. Many of the voicemails appeared to be routine in nature. Most were brief messages clearing up logistics and requesting return calls from Democratic National Committee staffers.

The first is a brief conversation from a father and young boy at a zoo visit. One voicemail came from a woman who identified herself as an aide to Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, a major Democratic donor who served as American ambassador to Portugal. The aide asked if there was going to be a St. In a follow-up voicemail she said Bagley got an invitation to the event.

Three voicemails came from anonymous callers who were contacting the committee to complain about the amount of control Vermont Sen. Protest update from Philly PD. Give me a break. Introducing himself as vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine steps easily into attack-dog role at Democratic convention.

Tim Kaine has a reputation for being a nice guy and the rare Washington politician who enjoys friendships — genuine friendships, not the transactional Beltway type — with lawmakers on both sides of the political divide. But introducing himself to the nation Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, the Virginia senator showed he can also wield a dagger with the steeliest of political partisans — albeit in a genial, by-gosh manner.

He also stepped easily into a second role expected of a presidential understudy: extolling the virtues of the candidate at the top of the ticket. President Obama will take a brief walk down memory lane on Wednesday night as he recalls the famous words that launched his national career.

Twelve years to the day after his speech to the Democratic National Convention, Obama is back to renew his call for hope, optimism and unity in America — this time on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In the years since, as the country has become even more politically polarized, Obama has been called on repeatedly to defend those ideas. CA very excited to hear from Leon Panetta. His son is running for Congress.

Chunk of Ca delegation chanting "no more war" over Leon Panetta's speech. Others trying to mask with "Hillary" chant. Watch: Connecticut Sen. California Lt. Gavin Newsom used the bulk of his five minutes on stage at the Democratic National Convention to rip into Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Mike Pence. Newsom likened the therapy to torture. During his time as mayor, Newsom created a national controversy in when he ordered the city to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

In June , the U. Supreme Court held that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Newsom told the crowded arena of Democrats that the choice between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could not be more stark.

President Obama called Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night to thank him for wrapping up the Democratic convention roll call by moving to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclamation. At the convention that year, it was Clinton who stood up on the floor and called on her supporters to rally behind Obama. Many of them joined her in shouts of acclamation to nominate Obama to be the 44th president of the United States.

After watching Sanders do the same for Clinton, Obama told aides he wanted to thank him for providing Clinton the moment that she had given so memorably to him. Kristen Kavanaugh had dreamed of being in the military since high school, when she toured the U. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. The Ohio-raised daughter of a National Guardsman, Kavanaugh graduated from the school and went on to spend five years in the U.

Marine Corps. I had to guard my words and only talk in general terms. It was awful having to live like that. At the time, the former Marine captain said she hoped to join the Navy next. She is also president of Trident Analytical Solutions, a military contractor. Kavanaugh has said in the past that she is considering a future in politics.

Criticizing Republicans for their record on climate change, California Gov. The centerpiece of that plan, a law rolling back greenhouse gas emissions to levels by the year , was enacted a decade ago this September. Brown was briefly delayed by anti-fracking chants on the convention floor. The governor has refused to endorse a statewide ban on the hydraulic fracturing process used for oil drilling. Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks at the Democratic National Convention.

She told the hushed crowd that her son Christopher Leinonen , 32, had been a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, which is why she had come to speak. When he was born, Leinonen said, she was working as a state trooper in Michigan.

At the hospital, she said, they locked up her gun. Where was that common sense the day he died? I never want you to ask that question. Democrats are again relying on star power to introduce heavy policy subject matters Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton may have some work to do to woo vets. Trump has frequently castigated the performance of Veterans Administration hospitals and promised fixes.

She got a much cooler welcome in her earlier VFW appearance. John McCain, a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Ruben Gallego of Arizona said about the McCain remarks. As Gov. Brown will appear at the DNC again Wednesday, this time on stage and in prime time, and is expected to focus entirely on climate change, a topic that has become a top priority and an almost singular focus in his final term. California has long been considered a pioneer when it comes to addressing the effects of climate change:. Californians have expressed concern for climate change and support policies aimed at curbing its effects, polls have shown.

For Brown, climate change has often been personal :. Climate change is an issue that melds the spiritual and the political for the former seminarian. He has made climate change a central part of his agenda, and as a result, a key source of funding for certain state programs. The work of Brown and other state leaders catapulted California to a position of leadership on the world stage when global leaders met to discuss climate change at a summit in Paris last year.

The planet is getting hotter and other stats as convention focuses on climate change. Led by Gov. Jerry Brown and other party leaders, Democrats are using part of the third day of their national convention to talk about the dangers of climate change. Meanwhile, scientific data shows an increasingly warming planet for most years since the early 20th century. Committee Chairman Rep.

Democrats are betting Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will have a drastic down-ballot effect that could put previously safe Republican seats in play. Steve Knight of Lancaster. Trump could also cause problems for two Republicans in the Central Valley: Rep.

Jeff Denham of Turlock and Rep. David Valadao of Hanford, though Wasserman still ranks those seats as leaning Republican. So what are the odds that Democrats can win the House? Senate and House. Jerry Brown is in Philadelphia this week with hordes of other Democratic dignitaries, but he still practices a style of politics all his own. He has a lot of knowledge and I think that is very important.

Butterfield of North Carolina, one of six representatives who took the stage together. Andre Carson, a representative from Indiana, said Trump had insulted him not only as a black man but as a Muslim. Others on stage from the caucus were Rep. Yvette Clarke of New York, Rep. Karen Bass of California, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York and Rep.

Gregory Meeks of New York. July 27, p. Gregory Meeks of New York is from Louisiana. The late Texas Rep. Barbara Jordan, one of the best-known African Americans to have served in Congress, delivered the keynote at the Democratic National Convention in New York, as shown in the video above.

When she first gave the keynote speech at the Democratic convention in New York, she was the first African American to do so. Dulce Candy is an immigrant, an Iraq war veteran and an Internet sensation. And on Wednesday, she briefly addressed the Democratic National Convention to emphasize the power of social media.

Her YouTube channel now has more than 2 million subscribers. New video!! Candy, along with other Internet celebrities, hosted a digital town hall with Hillary Clinton in June. As Trump warns of chaos and trouble, Obama has been urging fellow Democrats up and down the ticket to broadcast a positive message about the country and where they want to take it. When he takes the stage, part of his appeal will be to a white male demographic that is helping to power the Trump campaign.

Clinton has the knowledge and experience to lead the nation at this crucial moment, Obama argues. Saying that the black vote is crucial to the presidential election, the Rev. Jackson is a regular figure at Democratic Party conventions. The Democratic National Convention is giving a stage to prominent civil rights activists and black Americans on Wednesday night in remarks focused on diversity, the Flint water crisis and gun violence.

About 27 million viewers tuned in to cable and broadcast coverage of the second night in prime time, when former President Bill Clinton spoke. The figures put the Democratic convention well ahead of the convention and beat numbers for the Republican National Convention. Viewing numbers for the conventions are not a reliable predictor of election results.

In the 10 presidential elections since , the losing political party had the higher-rated convention six times. There is no subject that Gov. But this time he seems eager to play the roles of senior statesman and champion of an issue on which Democrats are passionate.

This Scranton crowd is truly fired up for Trump. Donald Trump issued a warning Wednesday that women would be set back if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is elected president. It will be a long time before it happens again. So you better be careful what you wish for. This comes at a moment when the Supreme Court made its most important abortion ruling in two decades. Last month, in a decision, justices struck down a Texas law aimed at putting abortion providers out of business by imposing unnecessary regulations on clinics and doctors.

The Supreme Court decision will not just have major implications for other abortion-unfriendly states, but has energized abortion rights groups. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has said women who have abortions should be punished. His running mate, Indiana Gov. Stricter gun control has become the life mission of convention speakers Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly. Their work began after a mass shooting at a grocery store in Tucson in which Giffords was severely wounded.

Giffords and Kelly have teamed with the likes of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as voices calling for stricter reforms after high-profile shootings. The couple are set to make a joint appearance Wednesday night to speak in support of Hillary Clinton, the newly minted Democratic presidential nominee. In recent months, both have criticized Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, who has touted his pro-2nd amendment credentials and railed against gun control.

Giffords and Kelly formed the super PAC Americans for Responsible Solutions to help elect supporters of gun control and defeat its opponents. Of that total, more than half was spent to defeat Republicans. Martha McSally of Arizona, but she still went on to win. Moreover, Democratic Sens. At a rally in Philadelphia this week, Giffords urged members of both parties to support tougher gun-control reforms. Be responsible.

We must never stop fighting! President Obama plans to make the case for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday with a speech that harks back to the ideals of his first address to the party gathering, delivered 12 years ago tonight. Clinton wants to draw Americans together, seeking common cause instead of division, Obama plans to say. Obama sat down with them in June to talk about the message he wanted to deliver to the convention crowd, probably the largest in-person audience he will address for the remainder of his presidency.

Unlike two sitting presidents before him, Presidents Reagan and Clinton, Obama did not want to talk about the achievements of his own administration. Instead, he wanted to talk about Clinton, he said, about her readiness to be commander in chief and her approach to making big decisions. Obama sees himself partly as a witness who can talk about seeing the former secretary of State in action, the advisor said.

The president was glued to the television when the first lady addressed the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, as aides say he always is when she speaks. Obama thought his wife had nailed the delivery, another aide said, and also seemed to have noticed the positive reviews that followed. The list of scheduled speakers at the Democratic National Convention is nearly twice as long and more diverse than the Republican National Convention last week.

The DNC Convention has speakers total. Note: These totals do not include the presidential and vice presidential candidates for both parties. A woman at the DNC just discussed her abortion. Abortion continues to be an important issue in the presidential election and has been referenced several times at the DNC so far, including today, when Ilyse Hogue, the president of a national pro-choice organization, discussed her own abortion in front of the convention.

The 10 major abortion restrictions used by the group were:. Gavin Newsom to speak at the Democratic convention today. Gavin Newsom gets his turn at the convention podium today at a time when he is campaigning for his gun-control initiative in California, something that could boost his candidacy for governor in A leader in California in support of same-sex marriage and legalizing recreational use of marijuana , Newsom is currently campaigning for Proposition 63 on the November ballot.

The initiative by Newsom would ban possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines, require background checks for Californians buying bullets, create a process for getting felons to relinquish firearms and mandate reporting lost or stolen guns. South L. In the past, Waters has demanded that President Obama pay more attention to black Americans , particularly as the economy suffered. She also has referred to Wall Street bankers as gangsters, criticized ballooning executive pay and threatened to nationalize oil companies, earning her one of the lowest U.

Chamber of Commerce rankings of any member of Congress. Last year, she became an unlikely leader in the effort to revive the federal Export-Import Bank , which had become a top priority for the U. Waters, 77, is the fifth of 13 children raised by a single mother. She began working at age 13 in factories and restaurants. Louis, Mo. This is the congresswoman tasked with reaching out to Asian American voters for Hillary Clinton.

Seven months ago, U. Mark R. Clinton received a warm reception at that event, and Chu has continued to reach out to Asian American voters for the Democratic presidential nominee in Southern California and swing states. Many of the supporters in the ballroom that day were bused in from Nevada. Chu became the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress in when she succeeded Rep. Hilda Solis. She has a dramatic family history on which to draw when she speaks Wednesday with the caucus. Speaking to The Times in after she was elected to Congress, Chu said she was inspired in college when she saw Pat Sumi, a third-generation Japanese American and civil rights activist, speak.

Congressman Adam Schiff is bringing his national security expertise to the Democratic convention. Adam B. Schiff D-Burbank , an influential congressman who is well-respected for his national security chops, will give brief remarks Wednesday evening. Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has spent more than a decade building his expertise in foreign affairs. Schiff was also one of the top Democrats on the House committee investigating the attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and used the position to decry the investigation as political maneuvering.

Joined MitchellReports today to discuss latest Trump outrage -- inviting Russia to hack his opponent. He has been at the forefront of a number of national security issues, including cyberattacks on federal employees, the nuclear deal with Iran, and whether to allow Syrian refugees to resettle in the United States. Schiff has also been a vocal advocate for recognizing the Armenian genocide. The eight-term congressman, a centrist who is influential with moderate Democrats, briefly considered a run to replace retiring California Sen.

Barbara Boxer, but decided to stay out of the race. Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will make an appearance at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday evening. But the one-time action-movie star has no plans to endorse nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a source close to Schwarzenegger.

In the Republican primary, Schwarzenegger backed Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a longtime friend. Once Kasich dropped out, Schwarzenegger has largely avoided weighing in on the presidential race, with two notable exceptions that can be viewed as mild slaps at Trump. And when Trump said federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel could not fairly oversee a trial involving Trump University because of his Mexican heritage, Schwarzenegger expressed support of the man he named to the state bench.

I was proud to appoint him when I was Gov. Schwarzenegger is in a bit of a bind when it comes to more forcefully weighing in on the race. Aside from climate change, his other major focus since leaving office has been returning to Hollywood. The source close to Schwarzenegger said he has not decided whether to weigh in on the race, but he was aware that the video containing his appearance would be played at the Democratic convention.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to speak during the climate change portion of the program today. JerryBrownGov preps 4 DemConvention speech tonight. With a virtual army of 64 million low-wage, struggling workers across America, the political possibilities seem limitless for labor organizers and progressives.

The renegade campaign of Sen. The issue of workers rights is making a bigger noise in the election than it has in decades. But organizers acknowledge that they face a steep challenge in trying to turn these workers into a valuable voting coalition for Democrats. One reason, a union organizer says, is that neither Democrats nor Republicans have bothered talking to them. It makes it very tough for us. With about 1. Organizers said workers will pay attention if they see a connection with their lives.

What are you going to do to put food on the table? Employees at Philadelphia International Airport recently voted to strike shortly before the convention was to begin. You must have a validated trading account to continue watching the Live Education sessions.

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Request failed Something went wrong. Please try again. If your enquiry is urgent you can chat with us here Got it. Thank you One of our customer service representatives will get back to you soon. Request a callback. Chat now! No currency was spared, as the U. While the lagging performance came largely as a result of a sudden economic downturn and dovish monetary policy from the U. Federal Reserve Fed , political uncertainty contributed to forex angst. For traders engaging USD-based pairs majors, exotics in the days ahead of the election, it is critical to remain cognisant of sudden spikes in volatility.

The following events are potential pre-election market drivers: Scheduled Engagements : Official debates, press conferences and campaign events are all capable of impacting USD and forex valuations. Geopolitical News : The announcement of trade deals, adjustments to foreign policy or armed conflict are all potential market drivers.

Polling Data : Although far from an exact science, polls are a key barometer measuring each candidate's chance at winning the election. Should there be a sudden and significant move in the polls, traders and investors are likely to price the development accordingly. In the financial markets, perception often becomes reality. Debate surprises, breaking geopolitical news and polling data can all skew the market's view of who will be victorious.

The result may be dramatic shifts in USD valuations due to preemptive, speculative buying and selling. Election Day Trading. Historically, trading futures, forex or equities on a U. Election Day can be a dicey proposition. The rapidly-evolving news cycle often produces whipsaw conditions and non-committal action. Although it is possible to potentially profit given an appropriate strategy, market conditions aren't always conducive to positive expectation trade setups.

For anyone interested in actively trading on Election Day, it's important to remember that markets aren't fond of uncertainty. Uncertainty can quickly drive participation to or from the markets, and this can create choppy order flow and turbulent price action. The following periods on Election Day are all capable of sending asset values directional very quickly. Wall Street Open. The Wall Street equities market's opening a.

EST can bring a flurry of action to stocks, commodities and currencies. Exit Poll Results. Media exit polls are capable of bringing major volatility to the markets. In 's December U. However, due to vote-by-mail functionality, the scheduling of such items are ambiguous. Wall Street Close. The Wall Street equities' close at p. EST is likely to signal market sentiment regarding the election's outcome. A large move one way or the other may shed some light on the market's expected result.

State-By-State Poll Closures. Upon the polls closing in a state, official precinct results begin their reporting. As the election's victor becomes clear, forex volatility may spike as traders and investors price the final vote tally. Election Day will be an outlier when it comes to actually counting ballots. Mail-in voting is largely a district-by-district decision. Some regions are exclusively vote-by-mail and others are subject to conventional, in-person voting. Nonetheless, the release of exit polling data and the state-by-state poll closures can instantly boost forex volatility.

Promises of new U. Once an official outcome is determined, turbulent price action is likely to sweep the forex as traders value the election's implications. Participation and traded volumes will be high across the majors, enhancing pricing volatility facing USD-based currency pairs. For those trading the forex during the election's immediate aftermath, two steps can help manage the hyperactive market conditions: Aggressively Manage Leverage : For active forex traders, leverage is the quintessential "double-edged sword.

Use Stop Losses : It never hurts to use a stop loss for open positions. If a surprise event sends the market significantly higher or lower, a stop loss ensures that catastrophe is avoided. Leverage: Leverage is a double-edged sword and can dramatically amplify your profits. It can also just as dramatically amplify your losses. For the Election, it remains to be seen how or when a final decision will be rendered. As of this writing early October , the timetable for counting mail-in ballots is unknown.

However, the COVID precautions have added steps to the balloting process, making it more involved than in a conventional election. The Contested Election Of Potential health hazards stemming from Election Day public gatherings prompted many states to institute an exclusive mail-in format. Subsequently, a total of 46 states offered some form of mail-in voting to all voters.

The volume of such litigation was immense, with hundreds of lawsuits remaining active in the week leading up to 3 November Financial Markets And Forex React. On Election Day, the financial markets largely ignored the implications of a challenged outcome. The USD wasn't as fortunate, with exchange rates slumping on 3 November versus the majors. Upon the polls closing on 3 November, the physical counting of outstanding ballots took considerable time. This was due to several factors, including extended voting deadlines and an unprecedented volume of ballots.

In the aggregate, voter turnout was an all-time record as more than million ballots were cast. On 7 November , after five days of vote counting, Democratic challenger Joe Biden was declared by media outlets as the new president-elect. Despite the declaration, Trump supporters and campaign affiliates launched legal efforts on a multitude of fronts. Over the next month, more than 50 lawsuits were filed to contest the results of Election A majority of these motions were put forth in battleground states with close margins.

Among the most heavily litigated were cases in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan. Perhaps the most notable legal challenge to Election came from the state of Texas on Monday, 7 December. Throughout the roughly six-weeks of legal challenges, equities moved higher while the USD fell significantly. In addition, volatility remained relatively low as various legal challenges were filed, dismissed and withdrawn.

Equities : U. S equities posted strong gains as the election's outcome was challenged. Note: Past performance is not an indicator of future results. On Monday, 14 December , the U. Electoral College cast their votes for Democrat Joe Biden. The final tally was for Biden to for Trump; Biden's count was enough to eclipse the majority needed to win the White House.

Traditionally, a U. As a result, financial market participants looked on with interest during the 14 December trading session: U. Equities : The American equities markets experienced whipsaw conditions, as evidenced by a reversal and negative close in the DOW 30 Upon being declared victorious in the Electoral College, Biden announced the result via Twitter : [17] "Today, the members of the Electoral College cast their votes for president and vice president.

And once again, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people have prevailed. The Constitution of the United States outlines the procedure by which American presidents are selected. As dictated by the Constitution, the Electoral College is the official body that votes on behalf of the nation's populace. Several weeks after the Electoral College cast their ballots, Congress counts and certifies the vote.

For the Presidential Election of , the Electoral College voted on 14 December, with the final tally being certified on 6 January Traditionally, the Electoral College vote and certification thereof is a procedural event. As a result, an elevated degree of political uncertainty plagued the financial markets from Election Day on 3 November until the 6 January certification.

Political Uncertainty Grows. Election proved controversial as the coronavirus COVID pandemic fundamentally changed the voting process. To combat the contagion, a majority of states chose to adopt widespread mail-in balloting. The result of these efforts was a record voter turnout of ,,, representing more than On 14 December , chosen electors cast their votes as directed by the U.

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Get FREE live futures & forex market data to use with a FREE trading demo of the award-winning NinjaTrader trading platform. Primaries, conventions, debates and Election Day highlight the impact of the U.S. presidential race on the forex. Learn more in this FXCM Insights guide. Two risky ideas—foreign exchange trading and multi-level marketing—have meshed in one of the financial world's strangest trends.