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Forex array-cycles

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Risk Warning : Trading in the forex market is very risky. In this article, we will understand how a trader can recognize the four different stages in the trading cycle. We will also have a look at how a trader can then use this information to make profitable trades. Trading is all about understanding what equilibrium is. Equilibrium is the correct market price at which the stock should ideally sell.

If the market price is below equilibrium, then the trader should go long. If the market price is above the equilibrium, then the trader must consider the currency pair to be overpriced. Forex market traders define equilibrium as the moving average of the past prices.

Moving averages are calculated for different durations. They could be calculated for 50 days or days or so on. In the absence of any trend in the market, currency pairs tend to be range bound. They fluctuate between predictable daily highs and lows. The Bulls try to raise the price, but they immediately meet with resistance from the bears. If the price moves downwards beyond a given range, once again the forces of equilibrium raise the prices back to the equilibrium.

In such scenarios, traders should make multiple short term trades. They should sell after the movement of just a few pips because in case they do not, the prices will fall back. Range bound movements typically end in a breakout which is the second stage of this cycle.

The longer time the range bound movements persist, the bigger is the breakout. Also, some market participants may try to create a fake appearance of a breakout. Forex traders can avoid being duped by these market manipulators by checking the volume of trading that is happening to ascertain if the price discovery process is functioning as intended. Stage two is the breakout stage.

This is the stage where the market breaks its inertia meaning that range bound movements are converted into clear upward or downward trends at this stage. The breakout stage can take a couple of forms depending upon the velocity of the underlying currency pair.

Straight Up: The movement could lead straight up in case there has been some drastic change in the underlying currency. This happens rather quickly and then the price plateaus. Traders should either jump into the trade early or they should not jump into it at all. Entering this trade later could mean facing a flat price or a downside.

Higher Peaks and Valleys: The movement may not be so one-sided if the breakout is not caused by a clearly identifiable change in fundamentals. In this case, the market will face resistance as it moves up. At each point, it will reach a higher price. Also, each trough will also be higher than the previous one.

Hence, the price may fall in relation to intermediate points but will only rise as compared to the original price.

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