how much does a kevlar vest weight
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How much does a kevlar vest weight mw pattern forex

How much does a kevlar vest weight

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Outside of Competitive Matchmaking, most game modes will automatically give players both armor and helmet. General Recent changes Pending changes Random page. Betting Preferences. What links here. Related changes. Upload file. Special pages. Printable version. Permanent link. Page information. The fibers of polymer molecules are tightly woven, making it extremely hard to move apart, meaning it takes a great deal of energy to separate them.

The energy from a bullet reduced as it trying to penetrate through the vest. If either of the threats manages to penetrate the material, the speed is reduced considerably, resulting in far less damage. Kevlar is stronger than steel and approximately 5. When purchasing a Kevlar bullet proof vest, take into consideration two main factors which are the situations you will be wearing the vest in and the level of protection that you will need. Bulletproof vests that manufactured for higher levels of protection are not typically suitable for daily use as they tend to be heavy and bulky.

The protection levels assigned to specific body armor are regional, causing variations throughout the world. The US National Institute of Justice NIJ is considered to be the world leader in ballistics testing of body armor related to the full range of tests that are performed. They provide details of the testing results in their body armor standards. The body armor standards reveal the range of protection offered by specific pieces that have been tested.

Testing results range from low powered hand guns to armor piercing rifle rounds. Body armor is designed to offer protection against 3 types of threats, including bullet, spike and stab. Protection offered by a bullet proof vest will be dependent upon its ballistic material and is clearly labeled on each vest. When determining which bulletproof vest can provide the higher level of protection, refer to the clearly labeled rating on its tag.

The higher the number on the protective equipment, the higher the level of protection it can offer. When referencing the previous information in this guide about the ability of Kevlar to reduce the energy that come from bullet, it is easy to determine that a greater thickness of Kevlar related to more layers will provide more protection. Ballistic charts can be referenced on the official site of NIJ that can help you determine the number of layers needed to offer your specific level of protection.

The chart illustrates that the more layers you have, the bigger kinetic energy the bullet needs to have to penetrate through the armor. The chart ranks body armor made of various materials on a scale from I to IV related to its ability to provide protection against bullets that were fired from weapons of different power.

The information label on a vest is of importance because not only does it clearly identify the protection rating but it also gives complete details as to model, style, care instructions, date of issue, lot number, a serial number, an indication to which side should face out and a note indicating it meets NIJ approval standards for its specific protection rating.

To ensure bullet proof vests can provide the level of protection for which they are labeled for, they undergo several tests. The fiber and yarn tensile strength is tested by the fiber manufacturer and the tensile strength of the resultant cloth is tested by fabric weavers. The panel material is tested by the vest manufacturer and quality control requires inspection of the vests after panels are sewn and the vest is completed by trained observers.

Testing also includes the vests response to live ammunition to verify level of protection and rating. The weave of the fabric is one of the main contributors to the level of protection that Kevlar provides. A weave can be interrupted by a spinning bullet causing the force to extend over a large area.

Also, over a period of time, the fibers in woven Kevlar begin to separate which reduces the ballistic protection provided by the vest. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Kevlar bulletproof vests be replaced regularly with the majority of US police forces replacing their vests every 5 years. Kevlar bulletproof vests need to be kept as clean as possible; a cover can be purchased for your vest if it is worn outside of your clothes. Should your vest get dirty you should clean it as soon as you are able.

Also, keep in mind that the life of your vest can be shortened if it is worn in hot environments. Yep, I totally agree with the author. Even these body vests have a label with an expiration date printed on it. I found this article very informative and useful. Covers up almost all the details you should know about these Kevlar body vests. They stop shotguns and pistols.

If you want to stop rifles or ,45 you need to use armor plates. This article helped me to understand the mechanism behind that. It might have lost its ability long before the expiration date.

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