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Zapasy HomeSmart

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Scan barcodes to speed up your work. Get notifications before the expiration date and never waste your food. Sort products by categories and assign storage places to keep all in order. Access on any of your Android devices and share the list with your family. Details: There are 2 lists on 2 tabs: "My Food" and "Shopping List" "My Food" - You can add there food stored in your fridge, freezer, on shelves and anywhere at home.

This option's availability depends on the country. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. I think the app is overall pretty good. Able to separate items into different categories and track their expiration date. Was disappointed to find out you have to pay for the ability to share the list when that comes free in every other grocery app.

Update: And now there's obnoxious banner ads. So long, it was fun while it lasted. This app is completely flexible and culturally sensitive in way that others can not come close to imitating. The first few times you use it, the app is cumbersome because you create your own categories, but after the first few weeks, this feature is unbelievably amazing.

I started using this app around the time I was shopping for Passover. I had, and still have, a Passover category and two categories of items, I buy for my synagogue. I keep kosher and am a fish-eating vegetarian. My version of the app has categories for nut butters and legumes, and subcategories for fresh, frozen, and soon dried. Some also have other connectivity such as Zigbee or Bluetooth built-in.

This allows you to connect devices directly to them rather than using a separate hub. Those who prefer Google Assistant should opt for a Google Home. These are particularly good for playing media as you can cast music to them like any Chromecast. This has the largest range of compatible smart home devices and has more customisable routines. An alternative to a smart speaker is a smart display. These are essentially a smart speaker with a screen attached.

As well as the standard functionality of a smart speaker as shared earlier, the screen gives added features. This can pull up YouTube videos with your voice and it supports casting so you can stream media from your phone. You can either opt for a dedicated smart lamp or use smart light bulbs in your existing light fittings.

Most people will opt to use smart light bulbs as they are much cheaper. Smart light switches are also an option, see the next point. Top Pick: Philips Hue. My No. These are the brightest and most reliable lights currently on the market. Instead of replacing the light bulb, you can opt to replace the light switch instead. The downside to switches is that they are harder to install might not be suitable for rented apartments and you cannot change the colour as you can with most smart bulbs or lamps.

Some smart switches such as the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch are designed to be used in conjunction with smart bulbs so that you get the best of both worlds, however, you will also have to fork out more cash to get started. As of , my current recommended smart switch is the Sonoff Wi-Fi switch. They are very basic but also very affordable so you could easily fit out your entire home. Keep in mind that they do require a neutral wire consult an electrician if you need help installing them.

The next two smart devices for your home I would recommend are smart blinds or smart curtains, depending upon which you prefer. Once installed, you can open your blinds or curtains with simple voice commands or set them up to open or close on a schedule. If you use Alexa routines , you can set them to open a certain number of hours after sunrise. Top Pick: Switchbot Curtain. Simply attach the device to any curtain rail and make it smart. Different attachments are available depending upon which type of rail you have so it will work with I-shape or U-shape rails as well as curtain rods.

Plus, I also love that you can buy a solar attachment to keep the batteries powered. If you purchased your TV in the last years, it will probably have smart features, but older devices might not. Luckily, you can make a TV smart with the use of a smart TV dongle.

This will add the ability to install apps, access streaming services, and add smart home integration. Chromecast allows you to easily find content on your phone and stream it to your TV with all major streaming apps now supported. You can also connect a Chromecast to any Google Home or Nest smart speaker for voice control.

The latest Chromecast also has an intuitive user interface and remote control so you can browse for content directly on your TV. The smart home revolution has upturned the home security market with more choices than ever before. No longer do you need to employ a professional firm to monitor your home, with smart cameras you can have direct control of your home security using your phone from anywhere in the world.

Most security cameras will offer live feeds of your home via the mobile app, automatic saving of clips when motion is detected, and integration with your other smart home devices such as lights or speakers. Keep in mind that many brands will require a cloud storage plan to watch back saved clips from your phone, although there are now a few brands such as Eufy offering smart cameras without subscription. For monitoring the outside of your home, I recommend the Ring Spotlight Cam.

This has two-way audio via the Ring app and a built-in LED light and siren that you can activate remotely to scare off any unwanted guests. Both of these choices will be enhanced with Alexa commands , with the ability to bring up live feeds on your Echo Show or Fire TV using your voice. A smart plug is an adaptor that goes straight into the wall socket to add smart functionality to any power socket.

This allows you to add existing devices to your smart home and control them with your voice. Some example uses for smart plugs include turning on a floor fan with your voice, smartening up your existing lamps, or turning on an electric heater when the temperature drops. My favourite thing to do with smart plugs is adding them to routines. For example, you can set an evening routine to turn off all the plugs in your house when you go to bed.

This allows you to keep an eye on how efficient you are being. Air purifiers are important devices for sanitising your indoor air to remove volatile organic compounds and vaporous chemicals that make their way into our homes and provide fresh, breathable air. A smart air purifier goes one step further, monitoring your home to provide reporting air quality reports, and adding voice control.

Not only does it have a very futuristic design that looks great, but it functions as both a fan and a purifier to provide a stream of fresh cool air throughout your home. It has a true HEPA filter to remove allergens from the air and provides detailed reporting on your indoor air quality. The Levoit is suitable for rooms up to 48m2, this should cover most rooms in a typical small or medium-sized UK home. See my full guide on the best smart air purifiers to learn more about the differences between the two devices and additional recommendations.

The list of devices you can use this with is endless, some examples include coffee machines, lights, amplifiers, and plugs. The Switchbot is available in black or white and can be attached to any surface with the included sticky pad. Rather than a single smart camera, you can take your home security one step further with a smart home alarm system.

These kits will include motion and door sensors to detect activity and will have a keypad for disarming the alarm. Top Pick: Yale Starter Kit. Yale have used their background in home security to create this smart security starter kit. As for integrating with your other devices, my favourite feature is to link it with your Philips Hue lightbulbs to turn red when the alarm is triggered.

The smart thermostat was one of the earliest smart devices to hit the UK market. This allows more advanced scheduling of your heating compared to traditional controllers. As well as turning up and don the temperature with your phone or voice, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust your heating based on your schedule and depending upon who is home. This is great for energy efficiency and can save you money in the long term.

Top Pick: Tado Smart Thermostat. However, I think a better option is the Tado smart thermostat because it has the ability to add zoning which allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms using Smart TRVs. This is usually Bluetooth which connects to an app on your phone, some will also use WiFi or NFC as additional ways of connecting. Most will also have a keypad as a backup which is useful when your phone runs out of battery. Another benefit is that you can let people in remotely such as a cleaner or friends whilst your on holiday.

They can also keep logs of visitors and more advanced devices even have fingerprint recognition. This allows you to unlock your door with key cards, key tags, phone tags, or via their secure Bluetooth app. One of the most popular smart home devices in the UK right now is the video doorbell. These give you a live feed of your doorbell straight to your phone from anywhere in the world. The most advanced devices have features like facial recognition or the ability to keep an eye on parcels left on your doorstep.

Top Pick: Ring 3 Plus. The best video doorbell in the UK right now is the Ring 3 Plus. I recommend the Plus version as this includes pre-roll, this uses a recording loop to provide 4 seconds of footage prior to any activity being detected so you get a much fuller view of activity outside your home.

See my guide to video doorbells without subscription for some alternative recommendations. Your home theatre can have a smart upgrade with a smart projector. This allows you to use streaming apps directly on the projector. Many will also integrate with smart assistants to allow you to control them with your voice or integrate them in routines.

When buying any projector, you need to keep in mind how many lumens it is, this is a measure of the brightness of the projector:. Top Pick: Viewsonic M2. The Viewsonic M2 is a short-throw projector that can project a screen up to inches. You can install all the popular streaming apps and it has both Alexa and Google Home voice control. The day that robots clean your home is finally here. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can significantly reduce how often you have to get the upright vacuum out.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to robot vacuums.

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