waitforexit process c# startinfo
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Waitforexit process c# startinfo fiitjee ipo

Waitforexit process c# startinfo

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I tried using this code but it seems Im missing something. BackGroundWorker is not present it seems. ComponentModel namespace. If you're using a Windows Forms project, you'll need to drag one from the toolbox onto your form, name it backgroundWorker , set the WorkerReportsProgress property to true , and wire up the two event handlers.

Still can not get it to run. No errors just doesnt run Start ; pr. WaitForExit ; File. RunWorkerAsync ;. RunWorkerAsync ; You're not passing in a list of files to process. If you debug your code, you'll see that string[] e. Argument returns null , and the following line throws a NullReferenceException. GetFiles filepath, ". Start new System. GetFiles ". WaitForExit ; if! WaitForExit ; Thread. The IsBusy property is always going to return true within the DoWork event handler, so I don't see how your loop would ever execute.

Its like the waitfor exit doesnt work so it tries to delete the file while storescu is sending the file. Not sure how to fix that. Thats why I was trying the Isbusy. Assuming it's the process you launched that's keeping the file locked, try moving the Thread. I got a bit further with my code and I have had to change it around some.

Now using the file system watcher to trigger the storescu process but it runs storescu process for each file that is created. Is there a way to make it only do it once? The problem Im having is that it runs ok but each file is a separate entry. SO storescu starts a connection, sends file, end connection and repeats until folder is empty. Storescu has a Scan directory option that Im using now so I need it to stop filesystemwatcher once it triggers the process for storescu with the scan directory bit which sends all files in the folder as one connection to the server.

Hidden; startInfo2. Sleep ; startInfo2. Delete e. Show ex. Source,"ooh boy, something did not work out. I will look into the FileSystemWatcher. Man, I was done with this program until I tried to fix the freezing UI. Add your solution here. OK Paste as. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Existing Members Sign in to your account.

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Insults are not welcome. Don't tell someone to read the manual. Chances are they have and don't get it. Provide an answer or move on to the next question. See the Remarks section of the StandardError property reference page. WaitForExit makes the current thread wait until the associated process terminates.

It should be called after all other methods are called on the process. This method instructs the Process component to wait an infinite amount of time for the process and event handlers to exit. This can cause an application to stop responding. For example, if you call CloseMainWindow for a process that has a user interface, the request to the operating system to terminate the associated process might not be handled if the process is written to never enter its message loop.

In the. NET Framework 3. Also, previous versions did not wait for the event handlers to exit if the full MaxValue time was reached. This overload ensures that all processing has been completed, including the handling of asynchronous events for redirected standard output.

You should use this overload after a call to the WaitForExit Int32 overload when standard output has been redirected to asynchronous event handlers. When an associated process exits that is, when it is shut down by the operation system through a normal or abnormal termination , the system stores administrative information about the process and returns to the component that had called WaitForExit.

The Process component can then access the information, which includes the ExitTime , by using the Handle to the exited process. Because the associated process has exited, the Handle property of the component no longer points to an existing process resource. Instead, the handle can be used only to access the operating system's information about the process resource. The system is aware of handles to exited processes that have not been released by Process components, so it keeps the ExitTime and Handle information in memory until the Process component specifically frees the resources.

For this reason, any time you call Start for a Process instance, call Close when the associated process has terminated and you no longer need any administrative information about it. Close frees the memory allocated to the exited process. The amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait for the associated process to exit. A value of 0 specifies an immediate return, and a value of -1 specifies an infinite wait. You are attempting to call WaitForExit Int32 for a process that is running on a remote computer.

See the code example for the ExitCode property. WaitForExit Int32 makes the current thread wait until the associated process terminates. This method instructs the Process component to wait a finite amount of time for the process to exit. If the associated process does not exit by the end of the interval because the request to terminate is denied, false is returned to the calling procedure.

You can specify Timeout. Infinite for milliseconds , and Process. If you pass 0 zero to the method, it returns true only if the process has already exited; otherwise, it immediately returns false.

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This installer registers the service to the control manager. Open ProjectInstaller. And set the account as LocalSystem; else, it will prompt for username and password during installation. Now, we will implement the real service where we launch the.

Open your service class in my case MyWindowService. Use event logger to log the Windows Service information. Go to the InitializeComponent method and initialize the event logger. Now, write the implementations of two default methods, i. OnStart starts a new process to launch the. OnStop is used to stop the service which kills the process.

Verify in the task manager that the service is stopped. Use eventLogger. WriteEntry to log any information. The below code snippet represents the main service class with those two methods. Now rebuild your application, I have defined the same Output Directory Pathfor my both projects. We have InstallUtil. This discussion thread is closed Start new discussion. Visual Basic. Hiding process DOS boxes, How? WaitForExit and Windows 98 Problem. WaitForExit: No process is associated with this object.

Waiting for process end , how? Catch process exception. Yasso last post: by. Abort and Process class. Reading redirected stdout from a spawned process. NET Framework. WaitForExit does not work. Microsoft Excel. Mobile Development. Extracting Data from Excel using Python. Integrate positioning technology to deal with the application of IoT fragmentation scenarios.

Microsoft Windows. Problem with links to OneDrive files. Crosstab query for time duration from 2 fields. Follow us! Get the Latest Bytes Updates. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Start and Process. Thanks for the help, Chris Oct 12 '06 This discussion thread is closed Start new discussion Replies have been disabled for this discussion.