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The following decisions were made:. Based on the in-depth research conducted, the Discourse has found that individual spot forex electronic transactions contain elements of usury riba in the imposition of rollover interest, resemble a sale contract with credit term by way of leverage, is ambiguous forex online analytics terms of the transfer of the possession of items exchanged between the parties, include the sale of currency that is not in possession as well as speculation that involves gambling. Furthermore, it is also illegal under the laws of Malaysia. In relation to the above, the Discourse has agreed to decide that the hukum islam main forex individual spot forex electronic transactions are prohibited as they are contrary to the precepts of the Shariah and are illegal under Malaysian law. Therefore, the Muslim community is prohibited from engaging in forex transactions such as these. The Discourse also stressed that the decision made is not applicable to foreign currency exchange operations carried out at licensed money changer counters and those handled by financial institutions that are licensed to do so under Malaysian law. Click here to view.

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Forex forex training videos

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The courses provides more details about how the forex market works and how beginner forex traders can enter. A broker or brokerage is an individual or firm that arranges transactions between a trader and an exchange. The main reason brokers exist is to provide you with easy access to the forex market.

Thus, the biggest advantage to choosing a local forex broker is that they will understand the market and be in a great position to adapt and respond quickly to any changes. However, do not just choose any broker.

Forex traders use currency unit prices, known in the forex market as currency pairs. Made up of two different currencies, the base currency also known as the transaction currency is the first currency that appears in the pair while the second part of the pair is the quote currency or counter currency. The base currency indicates how much of the quote currency is required for you to get one unit of the base currency. A pip represents the change in value between two currencies.

A tick is similar to a pip, but it may not measure every increment equally. For example, a tick on one instrument may be measured in increments of 0. A useful way to remember this is that a tick is simply the smallest increment a particular instrument can move in. Further reading: Pips and pipettes explained. The size of the spread is a very important consideration in your trading decisions because it can represent the difference between making a profit, a smaller profit, or even a loss.

Technically, the spread is the cost that you pay the FX broker to make the transaction: the tighter the spread, the less you pay. Another thing worth remembering is that the wider the spread, the more the price has to move in order to result in a profit or loss on a trade. In trading, leverage means you only put a percentage of your trading capital up front to open a trade. While that opens the potential to make a lot of money in a short space of time, you must remember that more leverage also means a higher risk of losing money if the trade goes against you.

Instead, you might prefer to minimise your exposure by trading micro or mini positions:. To get a feel for how this works in action, use a demo trading account and try some test trades. Margin is used in forex to allow a trader to take positions of a higher value than the amount of funds in their trading account.

The two main margin terms you need to become aware of are: initial margin and variation margin. Initial margin is the minimum amount you need to have in your account in order to open a position, while variation margin is based on the current value of all open positions. Find out more about how margin trading works.

If you want a short position in forex the opposite happens, selling the US dollar and buying the Japanese Yen. To put it simply, long means to buy, and short means to sell. A bull market is a common term used in investing when conditions are considered positive and prices are going up. Bullish markets mean that investors have higher confidence and higher acceptance of risk when they are looking to invest money into the market.

A bear market is another common term to describe when conditions are considered negative and prices are going down. Learn more about the difference between bull and bear markets. There are many different types of charts used when analysing the forex market.

Deciding which chart to use will usually depend on the trading style or type of analysis. For a deeper dive into these charts, see our article on how to read forex charts. Line charts are the easiest to read. It simply shows the close price at the given time period — typically represented by a continuous curved line that connects dots that represent the changes in price over certain intervals of time.

Line charts give a clear, simplified view of the current market situation and work best for people who want a quick glimpse of where the market is heading. Bar charts or OHLC charts are an upgraded version of the line chart, offering information on the Open, High Low and Close prices — hence the abbreviation.

Candlesticks represent four main price points within a particular time period. This period can usually be set to 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes 1 hour, daily, weekly, monthly etc. The main body of the candle will be coloured in green or be empty if the closing price is higher than the opening price of that time period i.

If the body is coloured red or filled in black the price has decreased within the period. The ability to read candlestick charts and understand candlestick patterns is the first step before using more advanced analysis tools. Alright, you know the basics of how the forex market works and all the terminology thrown around by traders. But now you need to know exactly how to trade forex when you open your very first forex trading account. Trading forex with any significant success takes more than money.

You need patience, skill, emotional control and an ability to look at your mistakes and improve on them yes, there will be mistakes! But when it comes to considering the bottom line, there are some fundamental things to consider, including leverage, spreads and other trading costs. Check out our guide on how much money you need to start trading forex. For standard forex and commodity trading, commission fees are either waived or already built into the spread price you pay on an individual trade.

This helps make trading a transparent process. If you choose to trade these types of products, be sure to find out exactly what extra costs, if any, you would be required to pay on open positions. For more information on costs involved, refer to the product schedule. Being the largest globally traded market with an immense daily trading volume helps give the forex market some unique benefits over other markets, including:.

Read our article on the benefits of forex trading to discover more unique characteristics the forex market has. You need to learn all the ins and outs of the market so you can develop your own unique strategies. Trading any market, including the forex markets, involves risk. Everyone takes a unique approach but there are strategies that often share some common features. Here are some popular FX strategies you might like to consider:. Technical analysis is the use of a collection of methods that look for patterns in the chart that may predict future behaviour.

Technical analysis assumes that all the information related to a currency pair available is already priced in. Therefore, the theory is that if a particular pattern is repeated in the past, recognising that pattern can help the trader predict the immediate future. Further reading: What is fundamental analysis? Trading forex involves daily learning and education. As markets move and present limitless trading opportunities, you as a trader need to be equipped with the right trading tools, information and strategies that can help you take advantage of any trading opportunity.

At Axi, we offer access to an extensive range of trading resources to enhance your trading skills. Access all our available educational resources including video tutorials, webinars, online trading courses, eBooks and trading guides. When you start trading the forex market, the economic calendar will become a great resource to implement into your trading strategy.

Learning how to read the economic calendar properly is essential to your success. To maximise your chances of success in forex trading, you should follow the most important releases and international events on the forex calendar. The calendar will show you all scheduled economic news and events happening across the world by default.

You can customise the timeframe you want to review by selecting a custom date range and also select specific market conditions, volatility levels and countries you wish to monitor. Download a forex eBook and develop your trading edge. We have published helpful resources and tips, including our MetaTrader 4 video tutorials. With over 20 videos to learn from, start with the basics and then move onto the advanced tutorials, focusing on things like understanding support and resistance levels and how to analyse economic data.

You've now read the most comprehensive guide on forex trading for beginners. Sign up for a live trading account with Axi today! The information is not to be construed as a recommendation; or an offer to buy or sell; or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product, or instrument; or to participate in any trading strategy.

Readers should seek their own advice. Reproduction or redistribution of this information is not permitted. Desmond Leong runs an award-winning research team , , Finalists for Best FX Research and Best Equity Research advising the largest banks and brokers on where the markets are heading. He specialises in technical analysis with a focus on Fibonacci, chaos theory, correlations, market structure and Elliott Wave. He is incredibly passionate in helping people become better traders, working closely with Axi on educational content like the eBooks series.

Gold is one of the oldest traded commodities. Despite its age, there are traders who are still unsure about trading it, so here are the essential gold trading strategies for all traders. See More News.

Open Account Try a Free Demo. To be a successful long-term forex trader takes skill, patience, education and application. Table of contents What is forex trading? What is the forex market? How does the forex market work? Forex trading course for beginners Forex terminology How much do you need to start trading forex?

Advantages of forex trading What are the key forex trading tools? How to start trading with a forex broker Risk management when trading forex Forex trading strategies Further education on learning forex trading Basics of forex trading Understanding the basics of forex trading will give you a solid foundation from which to build your skills, learn trading strategies and even work towards a successful trading journey.

What is forex trading? The foreign exchange market is a global network of brokers and computers from all over the globe, made up of two tiers of liquidity: Tier 1 The first tier of liquidity providers in the foreign exchange market is made up of the largest banks in the world with forex departments.

Tier 2 The second tier of liquidity operates at the level of the interbank forex market. There are three different types of forex markets to trade in: Forex spot market The forex spot market is the largest market in the world — and you may have even been a part of it without knowing. Forex futures market Futures contracts work by buying or selling a currency pair at a set time, date and size. Forex forwards market The forwards market operates between a customer and a bank, or bank to bank.

Who regulates the forex market? Here are some of the key factors to look out for when trading forex: Central bank decisions — Central banks across the globe are responsible for setting interest rate levels for each country. Forex market hours The global FX market is also known as a market that never sleeps.

What are the most traded currency pairs on the forex market? Some of the more prominent exotic currencies include: Thai Baht Turkish Lira Danish Krone South African Rand Swedish Krona Further reading: Exotic currency pairs to trade in the forex market Commodity bloc currencies Commodity bloc currencies refer to a group of currencies from countries that are rich in natural resources, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Forex trading course for beginners The Introduction to Forex Trading course on Axi Academy is perfect for brand new traders who are just starting out in the market. Forex broker A broker or brokerage is an individual or firm that arranges transactions between a trader and an exchange. What is a base and quote currency? What is a pip in forex? Further reading: Pips and pipettes explained What is spread in forex? What is leverage in forex?

What is margin in forex? Bull and bear markets A bull market is a common term used in investing when conditions are considered positive and prices are going up. Most common chart types used in forex There are many different types of charts used when analysing the forex market. Line charts Line charts are the easiest to read. Candlestick charts Although candlestick charts look complicated at first, they are actually very simple to read.

What you need to know before trading forex Alright, you know the basics of how the forex market works and all the terminology thrown around by traders. How much do you need to start trading forex? Are there any other costs to trading? Nothing beats a community review and what better place to find a recommendation than from Reddit? There are many, but we will keep it simple and focus on the ones that are beginner-friendly. Here, Rayner Teo comes to mind. When you ask for the best trading YouTube channels Reddit people usually point to him.

He provides some good content to help you understand the basics of trading. People say that the contents he puts out are a lot like that from BabyPips in the sense that it is in small digestible chunks. That aside, they also say that things get a bit repetitive after a while, so you might want to look for other YouTubers at that point.

Investopedia is also another good starting point for other topics on investment and trading. Similar to Rayner, Investopedia has a plethora of resources on the basic concepts of economic and financial terms. They have videos going over the basics of trading, investment, etc.

Though this is another great place to start, they do not cover all the topics on Forex. So, you should find other top traders YouTube channels. Their contents focus primarily on long-term forex trading, so it is not for day traders. They have many videos on various trading strategies that are worth a look at. The trading psychology is also worth checking out as it is important for both novice and seasoned traders alike.

While Rayner also goes over some basics of technical analysis, but if you want a more in-depth and comprehensive explanation, consider checking out My Trading Skills. This channel also goes over the basics of trading for complete beginners and they help you a lot in building up your trading skillset.

The channel covers expert analysis of the market, trading courses , and some valuable trading strategies. Alternatively, there is also ClayTrader. It has a pretty large following and provides great educational contents on Forex. They are in the business for nearly ten years now. The contents revolve around the heavy use of technical analysis and charts to find profitable trading opportunities.

They also go over other subjects such as trading psychology and risk management. Bear Bull Traders is another YouTube channel you should check out. Andrew Aziz and his team are the people behind it and they provide some very valuable information. Though hard to tell for a novice trader, savvy traders appreciate the amount of efforts the team put into researching and stringing everything into a coherent explanation.

Many people consider this to be a day trading university. Although their following is not that substantial, they have many videos that cover the fundamentals of trading in their playlists. It is a good place to start learning the basics of trading.

If you live in India, chances are that the trading climate over there is just different, especially when it comes to stock. For this, you can check out Nitin Bhatia, who has a sizable following on his channel. Although his contents cover primarily stock trading and investing, you can learn much about trading in general from him. He covers topics such as technical analysis, moving averages, etc.

He occasionally goes over real estate and personal finance as well. He is a professional trader with plenty of experience to his name. That said, his content is in conversational Hindi, not English. Alternatively, you can check out Booming Bulls. Although the host speaks in Hindi, there are English captions to help you understand. His contents revolve around live trading videos which feature him making bank from his trades.

He usually trades options but his videos are informative and entertaining nonetheless. Also read: Forex trading coach. The people behind the YouTube channels we mentioned before are all worth the follow, especially Rayner Teo and Andrew Aziz.

I am a seasoned veteran in the market. On the homepage, you can see my accomplishments in the field. I developed a system that focuses on return on investment, so you would be making money all the time. Plus, my system is compatible with all markets, be it commodity, stocks, options, etc. You do not have to try day trading or forex. My system works with all of them. Many traders say that AFM is their last learning stop for them because my system works.

It will not make you millions overnight. But I assure you that you will get returns on your investment. You can ask the people at DBP bank and other traders that came to us.

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Video lessons are undoubtedly one of the most convenient and efficient ways of learning. To this end, we have prepared for you free video courses dedicated to various topics of trading. Open trading account Open demo account. Have you already decided to become a trader?

Register with InstaForex. Take the first step towards your goal. Develop your trading skills without risking your money. Grab a chance to earn real money on the spot! Open a trading account to sign up for MetaTrader 4. Novice traders may begin their career on Forex practicing on a demo account. Open trading account.

Download MetaTrader 4 - a powerful, reliable, and time-tested trading platform. Mobile MetaTrader 4 for Android. Mobile MetaTrader 4 for iOS. All available trading platforms. Deposit your trading account through any convenient payment system. All deposit options. All withdrawal options. Nice bonuses ensure your confident start to trading.

All bonuses for InstaForex clients. Bonus on every deposit. Club Bonus. Only here you will learn to apply best practices on your daily trade. Know how to build your own trading system based on the extensive experience of our teachers. You can register for the next video Forex tutorial filling out the form below right now!

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The Company provides access to online trading for clients from more than countries all over the world. The Company's partners are the licensed European liquidity providers, banks, payment aggregators and systems with which the company has been cooperating for more than 15 years.

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Forex training Part 2 - Markets always move, trend and reverse at certain points of the trading session. It is therefore the purpose of this section to educate traders why these points occur and where they are likely to appear next. This enables us to pinpoint where we need to place a buy or a sell with a great deal of accuracy.

Another very important subject we teach in this section is candlestick patterns. Forex training Part 3 — Technical indicators and oscillators are widely used. They provide us with signals and confirmations that our Forex trading strategies are correct. They are so heavily relied upon that some traders cannot trade without them.

We also provide the most comprehensive video tutorials on Forex brokers. A lot of traders are not too familiar with the workings of some Forex brokers so the aim of this section is to simplify everything and provide valuable insight into this murky world. Money management techniques we teach you in this course will ensure that you input the minimum risk to all your trades while at the same time generate a profit. If you do lose, we will ensure that you escape with hardly any damage to your trading account.

We also discuss trading psychology which is a huge benefit to all traders. Markets can be very dangerous and volatile places and it is this behaviour that can have psychological effects on us all. We cover many subjects from teaching you how to handle losses through to building expectations so ensure you pay great attention to this part before heading into the Forex trading strategies section.

Before the commencement of Forex training it is very important that all traders are aware of the type of focus that is required to be successful. Some people think that they will literally become high earners by trading Forex in a few days. This is simply not the case. Forex training can be very difficult and it can take a long time to master simply because there are too many variables to consider.

However, this is the reason why we have included high quality and easy to follow Forex video tutorials for you to learn from. By watching and re-watching the video tutorials traders will learn which variables to consider, depending on their trading style. You may have heard this a lot but the reason it — it is true. Without discipline there is not much chance for anyone to succeed. There are going to be days when trades simply do not go our way because we forgot to consider a variable or we entered slightly on the blind.

It is the desire to learn from these mistakes, be patient and not give up that will nurture your discipline into a characteristic that will help you to become a great trader. The day you give up is the day you lost your discipline. What are Forex Rebates. Introduction to Automated Trading. Forex Brokers. Financial and Forex Regulators. Benefits of Micro and Nano Lot Brokers. Technical Indicators.

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Video tutorials at AvaTrade ZA ⭐ Learn how to trade with our extensive learning materials ⭐ Tutorials about trading CFDs / Forex / Stocks! 1hr 47min of on-demand video a simple strategy that you can use as a beginner to start trading Forex Learn how you can earn money trading Forex. The first stop for new traders is the trading academy educational courses delivered by highly experienced professional Forex traders. There are over videos.