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Gps forex robot ea

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He does have a good heart for informing the public about everything about Forex world for free without any commission. But the robot does do little trades. I Believe he will build a better robot soon. God help you if the power to your computer or VPS happens to go out while the EA is actively trading.

Happy New Year to all.. If you look closely at the statements you will see that when there is a loser, the robot buys or sell 5 times the lot size of the loss to make up ground quickly. Did not loose once. Hi George, also got Leo Trader Pro but at the moment and after sufferinf for the stable installation it only traded once and susccessfully. I must to confess that I had a problem with intalling the EA.

Support reacted instantaneously but we did not understand eachother untill I understood myself what I was doing wrong to activate the live account. Tonight So far, all fine. The demo for this on Iaxfx and Alpari Us are working great.

I didnt realize that I was using fixed lots so all trades have been at. Anyone tring Leo Pro? Boy do I have a tale of woe for that so far! Anyone noticed that this EA opens trades only at the time , and so it trades only once a day for each currency pair. The only exception is that when it does a big loss, it will open a reverse trade, so this would be the only time it trades at a different time other than It is not set for the max.

Anyone got some ideas? However, I wonder if it will still work on our real live trading in a long run. Many EAs just worked in their early releases. Hope Mark has not fooled us….. Linger hi, Anyone noticed that this EA opens trades only at the time , and so it trades only once a day for each currency pair. Out of all the Eas Ive bought 30 plus, only the original Fab turbo, Forex bullet proof and now this GPS have actually worked, and only on demo, as my one live money account failed misably with fab turbo So far so good, althought the promo for this claims it is not a martidale trader.

I am far from an expert on EAs, but when I see an 88 pip stop loss and a 3 to 5 pip take profit I start to worry. This EA may possibly do well, but I would want to trade with a very small lot size and watch my account very carefully. I bought it! I used customer support and got a repondes in a few hours! I was shocked.. So far NO trades.. I will be watching this like a hawk!!.. Will keep you all posted!!! Guess why? You will realize that this EA is a shit when will be to late.

Before to use it in live just run a backtest to see what will happen to your account. Is a martingale EA with a huge risk and very small profits. Stay away. I have sent numerous emails without any reply. They were very efficient taking my money but terrible giving me what I paid for. Terrible customer service right from the get go. Stay away… I will be requesting a refund. How can this happened?! And I purchased it twince! Nothing happened excepts that my money had been taken away instantly…!

Hey, I got access to their product finally. Toggle navigation. Forex Robots. Most Popular Robot. GPS forex robot 2 pip trades. Click here to cancel reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rahadian Dimas Reply. Julian, a. The Professional Bum Reply. Rio Reply. Richard Reply. Wan Reply. David Reply. Dagger Reply. Michele Reply. LS Reply. Lament Reply. Fadzli Reply. Hamish Reply. Roger Reply. Ral Reply. Los Reply. Abiodun Reply. Pierre Reply. Dan Reply.

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The GPS bot does not trade every day. Any issues with the EA will be reported here. The robot will work on the MT4 platform in any country around the world. As long as you can find a broker that operates in your country of residence that uses MT4, then the robot can be installed and run with that broker. In this detailed review, I will share the facts about this EA as well as describing my own experience of running the bot for over one year now.

This forex robot EA has been around for almost 10 years, and it has certainly stood the test of time. On their sales page, you can see that they have various verified trading accounts that have made substantial profits. Not only that, but the accounts have not been manipulated or altered, and some show profits going back 8 years or more when earlier versions were being released. This is where you get access to the software and your license. Some of this content is a little dated now, and it could benefit from being refreshed, in my opinion.

However, everything you need in order to get set up is in this members area, and some of the bonus content is helpful for absolute beginners who know little about the forex market. From inside the members area, you also have access to their customer support. Although many of my subscribers have purchased this EA and enjoy it, not many people have many good stories to tell about their support!

If you need billing support, that can be done through ClickBetter who will have emailed you an order confirmation document. Different brokers have very different services to offer, and you do need to consider factors such as whether or not they offer free MT4 accounts, where they are regulated if they accept customers from your country and the cost of trading spread and swap rates. The suggested leverage for running the bot according to GPS developers is , so your broker needs to offer this.

Setting up this bot on MT4 is very easy. At this point, you can load my settings if you want to use them I share my settings free of charge to those who sign up to the bot using my referral link. I explain how to load these settings on the free bonuses page, so make sure you contact me, so you have access to this page. However, I have published my own trading history and have found other 3rd party proof of exceptionally good profits using the GPS Forex Robot 3.

Even during extremely volatile markets, in which most traders were getting wiped out, my trading remained profitable. This bot exceeds those returns quite considerably and is available for a fraction of the cost. There are some interesting reviews on forexpeacearmy for this product.

Some of them are from people who clearly gave up on the bot too soon without finding the best settings, but others are from people who have been getting consistent profits, as I have. Perhaps more importantly, though, FPA themselves have been running a live test of this bot for many years, and their tests are showing a A lot of people buy bots such as the GPS Forex Robot 3 and test it for a short time before writing a negative review and looking for the next shiny object, buying that, and repeating the whole process over and over again.

Some bots fail miserably when analyzing forex indicators or pulling out when their reverse trade starts losing. Based on my own positive experiences, I think that anyone looking for an automated way of profiting from the forex markets should seriously consider it. My trading results so far have been excellent and consistent. If you have any questions, please post a comment below. Thanks for visiting.

If you enjoyed this review you might also like our Yieldnodes review. Please settings for this Robot as well as other bonuses? I really like your work and your effort to make things clear and understandble for everyone. However I am used to trade in Forex with the help of a consultant who sends me signals, but I am considering to invest some money also in this BOT, so I was wondering why did you stop using it? Do you think it is still profitable as it was before?

Is it worth to buy it and let it run? Furthermore, here in Italy we are allowed to trade with maximum leverage. Hi Tradewise, thanks for your work and what you have done for your community! I use this Bot since 1 year. The Profit was unbeliveable high and it worked perfect.

On october 19th i got an margin call because the Reversal Trade was points in minus. Thats a huge Drawdown, when you multiple your initial trade volumen with x7. I think many others does also got in this situation. This is not the case. So maybe the review and stars are not so correct for this bot.

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