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The following decisions were made:. Based on the in-depth research conducted, the Discourse has found that individual spot forex electronic transactions contain elements of usury riba in the imposition of rollover interest, resemble a sale contract with credit term by way of leverage, is ambiguous forex online analytics terms of the transfer of the possession of items exchanged between the parties, include the sale of currency that is not in possession as well as speculation that involves gambling. Furthermore, it is also illegal under the laws of Malaysia. In relation to the above, the Discourse has agreed to decide that the hukum islam main forex individual spot forex electronic transactions are prohibited as they are contrary to the precepts of the Shariah and are illegal under Malaysian law. Therefore, the Muslim community is prohibited from engaging in forex transactions such as these. The Discourse also stressed that the decision made is not applicable to foreign currency exchange operations carried out at licensed money changer counters and those handled by financial institutions that are licensed to do so under Malaysian law. Click here to view.

Ryan nettles forex trading upside risk vs downside risk

Ryan nettles forex trading

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He had been responsible for trading in cryptocurrencies, which had helped lift Swissquote's profit 16 percent last year, as finews. About Newsletter. Home People Fintech finews first Interviews finews. Monday, 20 June Ryan Nettles, Swissquote forex trading and market strategy head. Newsletter Subscription Get the latest stories as they happen: Free e-mail alerts from finews.

Metaverse: Too Big for Investors to Ignore. The Metaverse Gets a New Ambassador. What are the key regulations impacting your industry at the moment, and what is their effect? Specifically, those proposals related to:. The effect for the retail broker is that these regulations will further increase costs, there will be potentially less client trading volumes and it will be more difficult to attract new clients. How will different sized brokers be impacted? The upcoming regulatory changes will potentially have an impact on all retail brokers, but the impact will vary depending on several factors.

One will quite simply be the dependency a broker has on bonus promotions to acquire customers. Another factor will be the amount of leverage the broker offers a client. For example, a broker offering leverage of will be less impacted than a broker offering leverage. The brokers who will have to reduce leverage for clients who historically were offered higher leverage will be impacted from lower client trading volumes or losing the client to competitors who are regulated by other jurisdictions.

Furthermore, there will be a cost to adjusting technologies to be regulatory compliant which will be more challenging for smaller companies as they may not be able to support these increased costs. In conclusion, the larger capitalised brokers will be able to mitigate these regulatory changes better than the smaller undercapitalised brokers. As a result, I foresee some consolidation in the European retail FX broker space once these regulations come into play.

What challenges do brokers with smaller marketing budgets have and what alternative schemes will they have to devise to better compete against firms with large marketing budgets? All brokers will need to cope with challenges related to the planned regulations.

The cost of client acquisition will continue increasing and brokers with smaller marketing budgets will have a difficult time competing against the brokers with large marketing budgets. Brokers will need to be more creative and focus on schemes that optimise client acquisition and retention in addition to identifying ways to increase client trading activity. How have political events such as Brexit and the US election impacted the industry and the firm? As with regulatory change, political events can also impact the retail FX industry, but it is too early to say how these specific events will impact the industry longer term.

However, we are busy analysing all the various potential scenarios and outcomes. What difference will a divergent interest rate policy make? Other than political risk, I believe monetary policy divergence will be one of the main drivers of FX volatility in Do you think that your credit and liquidity provision business will increase?

Over the past several years, the primary Tier 1 Banks offering FX Prime Brokerage services have significantly increased their thresholds regarding whom they can do business with.

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Ryan Nettles, Swissquote.

Non Executive Director. OvalX. Okt. ; Managing Partner. Guru Capital SA. Juni ; Partner. Rous Technology. Jan. ; FX Joint Venture Partner. Varengold. Ryan Nettles, Head eForex Trading & Market Strategy, Swissquote Bank SA speaks to Best Execution and gives a market perspective from the retail side of the. In , Ryan joined Swissquote Bank located near Geneva, Switzerland where his role was Head of FX Trading & Market Strategy, being responsible of the.